Sunday, 10 April 2016

Influence Books Published with Kindle Scout

I first heard about Amazon's Kindle Scout when it launched in 2014. An author asked me to vote to help get his new book published and I was intrigued by the concept, plus I liked the sound of his book. I went to the site but was told I couldn't join as I wasn't a US citizen, which was really disappointing. However now it seems available for all countries that have an Amazon site so I couldn't wait to join! And it is very simple!

You go to the Kindle Scout site and sign into your Amazon account and that's all you need to get started. Browse the available books hoping to be published, read an extract online or on your Kindle if you have Wi-Fi enabled. If you like what you see, press the Nominate Me button and you have registered a vote! Each book is available for nomination for thirty days and at the end if it gets enough votes, Amazon will publish it and all the readers who voted for it get a free e-copy!  Now how cool is that!

You get three nomination votes to use at one time. When the 30 day period is over, you get your used vote back. If you have used your three votes and see something great sounding, don't panic! You can change your votes right up to the deadline for each book and your vote is only counted for the book when the 30 days are up. With books being launched daily and a 30 day vote period for each book, it should be easy to manage your votes and not have to switch. But it is nice to have the option! Full details are available here:

This is a great way for those of us who support Indie authors to do something productive and try to help get it published. So go and vote for books on Kindle Scout, tells friends about books there that might interest them so they will vote and plug the books you want published on your blogs to get MORE votes! You CAN make a difference! 

Lets help get some Indie books published!


  1. I had heard of this before, but didn't get what it was. Thanks for explaining! And that's great it's now available for all countries! The only thing I don't get is what is the good thing about publishing your book this way compared to just publishing the book the normal way?

    1. From Kindle Scout author guide: 'Selected books will be published by Kindle Press and receive 5-year renewable terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty rate, easy rights reversions and featured Amazon marketing.'

      Better than paying all the costs yourself to self publish!