Thursday, 7 April 2016

Book Review: Escaping the Undead #1 by NJ McConnell

Sidney went to bed early instead of partying with her friends on New Year's Eve and that's what kept her alive.

When she woke to sirens wailing and turned on the news to witness death and destruction happening in her hometown, it's all she could do to keep it together and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Follow Sidney, her dog Coco and a motley crew of friends and family as they come together to escape the undead and the worst of humanity.

This book is not about gore, weaponry and fighting, although it's included. It's about relationships and surviving even when things go bad and there seems to be no hope left.

My Review: 
I gave this 3 stars but it would have an actual rating of 2.5. It was well enough written but the main character was pretty annoying and it lacked the elements I look for in my zombie books.

Sidney is supposed to be a lawyer but comes across as a man obsessed airhead and a bit of a ditzy cow. Yet she refers to her sister Ashley as being the dippy one! I don't want to meet Ashley. Seriously. All Sidney rambles on about are hot men, the numerous habits of her dog Coco and more hot men. I just can't believe that this woman is actually an intelligent lawyer with self defence learning and a fully prepped house thanks to her former army security consultant dad Dan. Sidney spends most of the book hiding in her basement and name dropping all her favourite technical gadgets and zombie authors. I wonder if the author was paid to do so or is connected to them in some way. Anyway it got quite annoying. Sidney also has a tendency to think about useless things with no relevance to the plot yet gives little initial information about what is happening in her town as the sirens go off. We do finally get some information about the zombie outbreak.

Sidney does actually show her some common sense as the disaster develops and she does improve, thankfully. She has the sense to relocate to the basement, taking what she needs from the house, securing the upstairs and getting organised to stay there with the stored supplies until she hears from her family. Meanwhile father Dan has been searching for his wife and Ashley on the streets, knowing that Sidney would be safe at home. He is smart and knows how to move around unseen. If he can't find them, he will then go to Sidney.

We also meet Jason, a scientist who was working hard through the New Year celebrations on his latest research and discovers the outbreak when he goes in search of a toilet. At Pete and Virginia's farm, they battle the zombies while Nicole the vet is trapped inside another building. We get only a little information about them as most of the focus is on Sidney and her dog. 

The story is somewhat slow with only a few zombies to be seen but it is an ok read. There isn't a lot in the way of tension or excitement, and certainly lacks the gore of normal zombie books. It is fine to read but I wouldn't buy the series to read again as it was just lacking what I like in normal zombie books. However, I do plan to read the next book in the series as I already have it. Decent but nothing spectacular.

2.5 stars.

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