Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Book Review: RIZEN by Kirk Anderson

RIZEN is a chilling collection of stories that will have you on the edge of your seat!

A plague has caused the dead to rise and stalk the living...

THE CHOSEN: Ten years after the zombie apocalypse, Dan and his family try to stake out a new life for themselves in rural Wyoming. When he encounters a mysterious group of survivors who call themselves The Chosen, Dan is unsure whether he can trust them.

THE WHITE FIST: Five years after the first of the infected reach Texas, pockets of survivors are reminded that the living can be even more dangerous than the dead.

ROAD TRIP AT THE END OF THE WORLD: A middle aged couple, cut off from civilization for months, decides to strike out into the ruined world and make for the West Coast.

FLIGHT 124: Air Thailand Flight 124 threatens to bring a gruesome and unwelcome passenger to Los Angeles International Airport. 

My Review: 
For me, anthologies of short stories, whether by one author or different authors, are very hit and miss. This was a decent set of stories as I liked three out of the four. My comments will be short as I don't want to spoil each story for those wishing to read them.

1) The Chosen: This would do well as a full length novel as it had lots of good ideas and it would allow the good characters to be fleshed out more, seeing their story evolve instead of being told what happened over the last ten years. Dan and his family try to cope with the zombie apocalypse but an unlucky meeting with a survivor compound leads an army of the dead to their door. I liked the ideas, the reasons for Dan not wanting to join the compound and the aftermath.

2) The White Fist: This focuses on the survivor compound and what was really happening to the 'saved' people behind the walls. Resistance fighters plan an assault on it. Again, some great ideas and would do well in a longer format showing the start of the apocalypse and previous encounters with The White Fist which are mentioned.

3) Road trip at the end of the world: This is the one I was less keen on. I liked how it was written but one dumb choice by a character leads to a somewhat unsatisfying end. Richard and Andrea are stuck in their home, waiting for rescue and tired of keeping quiet. They make the decision to leave and this is where their problems start.

4) Flight 124: The infection breaks out on a plane about to come in to land leaving ATC with a moral dilemma. I liked this because we see the human side of the outbreak and the choices that need to be made. I would love to get the story of how the virus took over the plane.

Overall I liked the way the author put the stories together to give four different looks at the same zombie apocalypse. I would be interested in reading any zombie novels that he might bring out in the future.
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