Thursday, 7 April 2016

Book Review: Escaping the Dead #2 by NJ McConnell

The unthinkable has happened and the apocalypse is spreading throughout the world. Sidney's neighbors, family and friends are either dead or have turned into zombies.

Fortunately, she's been joined by an unlikely group of survivors as they battle their way through the hardships in order to find their way to their new home.

This book is not filled with gore or nonstop killing. It is about survival against all odds and the human spirit. The characters are not perfect. They are people with actual strengths and weaknesses.

My Review:
This one is another 2.5 star book(maybe) and it is about the same standard as the first one. It is not an all action gorefest but the author is clear in the blurb that you are not going to get that kind of story, so I'm fine with that. It didn't affect my rating. Where it improves slightly is that there is a little bit of action in this one. Where it falls short is having no character development and not using existing or new characters to build up any excitement or added interest in the book.

Dan tells the small group that he thinks the nuclear power stations will soon be blowing up and they need to head to northern rural areas to get out of the blast and radiation zones-and they need to move quickly. He suggests a friend's place in Wyoming, a luxury holiday ranch for corporate entertainment, would be perfect as a bug out location and they make plans to steal luxury RVs to travel in. When they get on the road, zombies are not their only worries. Between them and safety are zombies and escaped prisoners.

I like Dan because he has been most developed and knows what he is doing. We don't see a lot of the other characters as again we focus mainly on Sidney, so Virginia only seems to be there to cook breakfast, Pete to drive an RV and Nicole to giggle with Sidney once during their sharing of music and trivia-which Sidney tells us about instead of us seeing most of the exchange. The problem is, Sidney tells us everything that is happening and there is very little dialogue between the side characters to let us get to know them better. As for Jason, he is only in this book for Sidney to obsess over and we keep getting told that he avoids the women and only speaks to the men. We never SEE him doing or saying anything! What is the point to Jason other than a possible boring future love interest? I just don't get why the characters were introduced then mostly ignored.

As for Sidney, she got on my last nerve in this book. All she does is obsess over Jason and why he doesn't seem to fancy her. 'most men at least find me pretty' Oh get over yourself you self obsessed idiot! She wonders if he's gay as he doesn't seem to fancy Nicole either. Oh please! She even plots to walk in on him in the shower as if she is a stupid girl with a crush instead of a woman who is a lawyer! Her mother and sister died a couple of days ago and all she can think about is chasing a guy like a dumb little girl? I really have had enough of this complete idiot as my MC. I also failed to see the point of bringing Greg, Cathy and their kids into a story where the existing characters hardly speak and are cardboard cutouts. All we know about Cathy is that she cries and she smokes in the RV when she is told several times not to so they threaten to leave her behind and she cries. They are not developed at all and therefore are completely uninteresting.

And then there are the massive editing mistakes. Several times during the book Jason changes to Justin and back again, which was quite annoying. A simple read through by the author would have caught this glaring error. There were also issues with spelling, grammar and sentence structure, though these issues did not affect my rating.

So, although I have read the two books, I am not greatly excited by the series. The characters overall are disappointing and I don't have much interest in whether they survive or not. It is all tell and no show. There is no real tension each time they check a building. We don't greatly feel the danger from the few zombies that we see and even the very brief encounter with the convicts failed to impress. I won't be continuing with this bland series.
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