Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Gardening With Chuckles

Yes it's that time of year when we reluctantly cast our eyes towards the garden, when the hedge is growing, the grass is full of dandelions and the weeds are doing a conga up the garden path! I've never had green fingers and a mixture of ill health, bad weather and family issues means my dad and I have neglected the garden over the last five years and now we have a ton of work to do! You can follow our 'adventures' through the summer!

Today was stage two of the gardening nightmare. We got a delivery of slabs for re-doing the front path, sand and cement bags for doing the back garden. The slabs were big and much heavier than we expected and with my dad having the back injury, I was not looking forward to moving ten of these gits on my own! Thankfully our neighbour who is a very strong guy, saw us struggling and came out to help. He figured the stones were heavy enough to sit on top of our current path and wouldn't need cement, just a bit of sand to level the slabs underneath a few edges-so we got them straight into place which was a huge relief! It'll be a matter of shoving some sand under one edge of about five slabs to have a fully secure path. Yea! 

The above picture shows the new slabs in place. We have one more to fit but it needs to be trimmed first. My dad plans to move the red stones from the side of the path to bulk up the red stones on the driveway, which need another layer. Then we'll put a new colour of stones beside the path to brighten it up. The assorted rubbish on the left is going to the tip and the bins will move down. We plan to transplant a couple of colourful bushes from the back along that fence to give it some colour and stop it looking so industrial! But that is a task for another day! 

Another job done. Lots of work still to do but we'll get there gradually!


  1. Looks great and I'm glad your neighbor was around to help. Love the red added in!

    1. It was my dad's idea to use two different colours-I was a bit unsure but I quite like it! The forecast is rain from tomorrow so we need to get out today and secure the stones in place. Groan!