Saturday, 1 November 2014

Scariest Moments in Cinema

Well, seeing as it was Halloween last night, I started thinking about the scariest and most atmospheric moments in horror films. So here are my 5 top moments in film!

5- An American Werewolf in London
OK I wasn't a great fan of this film to be honest but that scene where the werewolf is stalking the man in the Underground station really creeps me out! Every time I travel on the Glasgow Underground, I get the shivers just thinking about it. I think it's because you don't really see anything, and the scene is quiet and creepy that it really works. You know its there, stalking!

4-The Fog
I'm talking here about the original film, not the crappy remake. It is the sequence where Stevie is on the radio telling everyone where the Fog is. We get the pounding creepy music which is like an out of control heartbeat, and the Fog is slithering its way down the streets. My favourite bit is when she turns to look out of the lighthouse window to see the Fog come crawling over the cliff and down towards her. Lovely!

The classic slasher film on a cheap budget! Who would have thought that a guy standing out on the street wearing a William Shatner mask could be so damn scary? The creepy soundtrack is just perfect for the film. But my creepy bit is when Laurie thinks she has killed Michael and send the kids out to get help and she has her back to the body-and he sits up and turns his head towards her. Shudder! That really freaks me out!

2-Salems Lot
Another classic film, based on the Stephen King book. Mr Barlow has to be the scariest damn vampire since Nosferatu himself. But the creepy bit is when the boy is in his bedroom and his dead best friend is floating around outside his window, scratching at the glass and demanding to be let in. That freaks me out. Any time I hear a noise at my window, this is what I think about!

1-Demons 2
Without a doubt the two Demons films are the scariest I have ever seen and I won't watch them at night-EVER. What scared me is that the film talks about Nostradamus predicting the coming of the demons which makes you wonder if it could come true. The demons themselves are horrific zombies who can sprint and jump, giving you little chance to escape them. But there is a scene in Demons 2 that scares me shitless. The birthday girl is watching TV, watching a programme about the demons. She watches the demon chase the actors and then it suddenly stops and turns its head to look right at the TV. And you KNOW it sees you. It then runs to the screen and climbs out the TV to attack the girl. I swear, the moment when that demon turns to look at the screen, my heart starts thundering with fear. That is why it is top of the scare charts!

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