Saturday, 15 November 2014

Book Review: Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick

Seventeen-year-old Alex is hiking through the wilderness when it happens: an earth-shattering electromagnetic pulse that destroys almost everything.

Survivors are divided between those who have developed a superhuman sense and those who have aquired a taste for human flesh. These flesh-hunters stalk the land: hungry, ruthless and increasingly clever...

Alex meets Tom, a younge army veteran, and Ellie, a lost girl. They will fight together and be torn apart, but Alex must face the most difficult question of all. In such a vastly changed world, who can you trust?

My Review:
I didn't connect with the book from the start because I had a few issues with the book that I couldn't resolve enough to get into the story.

Lets start with the plot. Our heroine is going hiking in the woods on her own to get away from concerned relatives and get some peace. She has a brain tumour and is tired of the treatments that don't seem to work. OK being out in the middle of nowhere in this medical condition with nobody knowing where you are is reckless, dangerous and foolish. It is also a bad thing to do to relatives who are worried about you. Yet Alex is only caring about her feelings, her ideas and her plans, not giving a damn that she is worrying her family. I didn't really like her much for this, especially when it looks like she is planning some kind of suicide out there.

While she is out there the EMP hits and scrambles her brain enough to give back the senses the tumour killed, and also heightens them. You what??? Is the author suggesting the EMP waves cure brain tumours? If so that is a new one on me and I was far from convinced by this plot decision. Why give her a fatal illness to maybe cure her a few chapters in? It was all a bit bonkers to me and I was shaking my head in disbelief. Yes I know that dystopian books are a good way to play with scientific ideas but this was too far fetched for my liking.

Then we have the mini bitch from hell that Alex is saddled with-the moaning, whining, rude, obnoxious brat called Ellie. Now I don't like children at the best of times but there is no way that I would've went to the trouble of convincing this bitch monster to come with me. I'd have left her in the dang forest to annoy herself and hopefully get eaten. I hated this character so much that I wanted her to die painfully to give my throbbing head a rest. Why do we get such obnoxious characters in these books??? I got tired of Alex's failure to bitch slap Ellie, throw her off a cliff or let her be eaten by zombies.

The book just gets more annoying as it goes on. They just happen to find a survival guy who has a talent for explosives. How lucky! Oh please. You are likely to bump into a group of people with no survival skills or useful talents than a soldier! Alex just happens to discover talents that they need for survival(medicine and weapons) which is lovely and perfect and bleah. I hate it when everything is nice and convenient like that as it is just not believable. By this stage I'd had enough of the three of them and didn't care what happened next.

And I didn't even get to the weird parts of the book with the cult, that I've seen mentioned in all the other reviews. Phew what a relief!!!
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  1. Ugh. SO sad this is a sucky book. I love Michael Grant and he's recommended it I probably won't rush out for it though, because boring plots and weirdness and cults are NOT for me.

    1. *grins* I don't like Michael Grant's books either! I've still to post my review for Gone which I was disappointed in. Might be best to try and pick it up cheap if you're going to read it, just in case!

  2. Oh to bad you didn't liked this one :( I was thinking of reading it but now I don't know :/ Hope the next book you read will be good :)

    1. Don't let my review put you off if you are still thinking of reading the book. I am very picky with my reading and most books I have reviewed are about 2 stars! If you do read it, I hope you like it better than I did!

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    1. I'm not having much luck with dystopian books right now!