Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Book Review: The Lost by Jack Ketchum

In 1965, teenage friends Ray, Tim, and Jennifer liked hanging out in the campgrounds, but Tim and Jennifer didn't know what Ray had in mind for those two girls in the neighboring campground. Four years after Ray murdered the two girls, he's never been charged. Tim and Jennifer thought the worst was behind them. They were wrong.

My Review:
Ray murders two campers for no real reason and his two shocked friends help him to cover it up. The police suspect him but they can't get the evidence they need. Several years later, the incident is going to come back to haunt them.

Sadly this is another book that sounded as if it was promising a lot and failed to deliver. It started fine with the murders and how it was semi-covered up. But as soon as it skipped on the few years, it went downhill very fast for me.

What is it with this author and his dreadful characters that you don't give a damn about? OK I never expected to like Ray for murdering two girls because he wrongly thought they were lesbians which meant the one he liked wasn't going to look at him. Ray is a mean, cruel, bigoted scumback and continues that way for the whole book. His two dumb sidekicks Tim and Jennifer are even worse. They do whatever he says despite not really liking what he is at times. Jennifer whines all the time about Ray cheating on her and being mean while Tim is a spineless junkie and a pain in the butt. Don't get me started on Ray's other women. When you really hate everyone, how can you bring yourself to care what happens to them? I didn't even care enough to finish the book.

The story, yet again was very slow and boring. Ray chasing women. The cop thinking about the case. Jennifer whining and getting drunk. Tim whining and taking drugs. And so on, chapter after chapter until I was losing the will to live. I didn't care about all their drinking and drugged exploits, I just wanted to see them get what was coming to them. Sadly, I never did get to see that.

I'm getting quite annoyed by the lack of quality in these books compared to Off Season and the only reason I am trying them all is because I bought the buggers in paperback and I hate getting rid of things I haven't tried. I'm starting to wonder if it might have been better to just avoid them after all.
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