Monday, 10 November 2014

Reading with Chuckles #12

Welcome to Reading with Chuckles! This is where I fill you in on what I'm reading each week-what it is, where I got it or heard about it, what I think of it, if I'm continuing with it or abandoning it and any special offers I'm aware of where you can try the book yourself. Comments are welcome but no spoilers please! It's not fair to other readers!

I've been attacking different series that have been sitting on my shelves for years, getting them read and ready to trade online. I've also re-read a few and have decided to part with them so I finally have some decent space on my shelves again! So here is the latest on what I've read or abandoned this week.

Well, I hit a horror mood and started going through the Jack Ketchum books that I've gradually bought over the last few years. I confess myself disappointed! I LOVED Off Season, which is the first book I read of his and rushed out to buy all the others but I really didn't enjoy these books. I found them very slow to get into the stories with obnoxious characters that I didn't care about. Here are the books in question which I abandoned and I'm now trying to trade:

I also read a couple by Edward Lee and one by Brian Keene. I liked two of them but wasn't as keen on You are my everything, though I did finish them all.

And I also managed to fit in a Tudor novel which I read and liked:

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