Sunday, 7 September 2014

What's on Chuckle TV #3

Welcome to Chuckle TV! 
Every week I will be talking about what I have been watching in the world of TV, be it sport, documentaries, TV series, films, soaps or interesting news items. I'll be talking about favourites from the past and all the great sounding stuff that I haven't watched yet. Believe me, there are a lot of popular series that I haven't had the chance to see! Let the Count and I be your guide in the world of entertainment! Comments are welcome on what I'm currently watching but no spoilers please or your comments will not be published!

This week I've got a lot of TV watched, starting with the whole series of Masterchef Australia: The Professionals which was presented by food critic Matt Preston(left) and celebrity chef Marco Pierre White(right). I LOVE Marco but he only seemed to do celebrity things like Hell's Kitchen-and watching celebrities cooking and fighting does not appeal. I like watching good chefs who are ordinary people, so when I saw this show I was pretty excited at the chance to follow the fortunes of those already working in the industry but not celebrities getting a chance to do Masterchef! Did I mention that I love Marco? I love his tough guy persona and he's pretty hot in a rugged kind of way! I enjoyed shouting at the tv at a couple of the arrogant chefs who got on my nerves and cheering on the ones I liked. Pretty pleased with the way things went in the end but I won't spoil the results for anyone by talking about it. Makes me wish I could cook...

Keeping with the Masterchef Australia theme, I started watching series one, presented by Gary Mehigan , Matt Preston and George Calombaris. These three guys are the perfect presenters, judges and mentors and as much as I like our UK version, Masterchef Australia is the best.In the UK you don't see much of each chef before they get eliminated and you don't get to know them. In this format the top 20 are competing week after week in a ton of challenges and eliminations, living in the same house. You get to know them all and spend your time cheering on your favourites, swearing at those you don't like, biting your nails as you wait to see who is eliminated. It has more drama and tension and plenty laughs so I really love this show. 

Film wise I haven't had a great deal of time but I did watch two old favourites- Jurassic Park 2 and Dial M for Murder. I liked the new cast they broght in for The Lost World but it was nice to see Ian back amongst the dinosaurs trying to rescue his girlfriend. There are great scenes with the T-Rex and the velociraptors and bad guys getting eaten which is always nice! I like these films and I'm pleased to see that at last the new film is in production!
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

Dial M for Murder is a total classic and I never get tired of watching this. A scheming husband decides to murder his rich wife after she has an affair and when it goes wrong he frames her for murder. Ray Milland is superb as the evil husband and his plotting was very close to a perfect murder. Great performances from Grace Kelly and John Williams as the bumbling Columbo like detective. 
Filmography links and data courtesy of IMDb.

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