Monday, 22 September 2014

Eating with Chuckles #2

Welcome to Eating with Chuckles! Since watching Masterchef and the Australian version, I have finally become brave enough to try some new foods that I've never went near before. Some of these foods are ones that you will have tried many times before but for a safe, risk free person like me, I have never been one to try new stuff in case I hate it. So this is about to change and I will be talking about what I've tried, what I liked and hated. Why not join me on my culinary journey by leaving comments, suggesting recipes and websites that I might find useful! 

So something else that I tried for the first time was Vietnamese food. It was pork and very thin vegetables wrapped in mooli ribbons with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. Yum! I hate vegetables but these were thinly cut and in with the pork so I didn't mind them. Of course I went back to the shop today to get some more but there were none on the shelves. How typical is that??? I'll try again later this week. I noticed a whole new range of Vietnamese, Mexican and Japanese food in the shop which was exciting so I might have to try some of that as well! It's nice to find new things to try as I get tired eating the same things all the time.


  1. Hooray for being adventurous! I love pretty much any type of Asian cuisine, but I cannot remember the last time I've had Vietnamese other than the fried rice a coworker made for our multicultural potluck. It was fantastic though.

    Angie @ Pinkindle

    1. It was delicious Angie! Not sure if I'll have time to get back up there this week to grab some but I'll try!