Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Release: Welcome to Romero Park by Amber Michelle Cook

The unwitting attendees of a country ball are all too busy striving to hide secrets and make matches to see what’s going on around them until it’s almost too late!

Among the green and rolling hills of Old England, the fields lie ripe for reaping under a blighted Harvest Moon. While tenants and servants fear the eerie light, Mr. Dorchester invites several families of his acquaintance to his estate—for a visit culminating in a ball to celebrate his ward’s engagement to a most eligible neighbor. Amid all the usual hopes and anticipation such an event inevitably excites:

– The disillusioned host is desperate to seize his last chance for happiness,
– His foreign ward struggles to pass herself off as a Blushing English Rose,
– The governess pines for her employer and seeks to free him from blackmail,
– The reclusive apothecary, working there under false pretenses, hides more than one secret,
– A local beauty raised to marry well is awakening to her true character,
– And a young gentleman is finding great satisfaction in playing the indispensable manservant.

All the while, signs of the dead rising increase until the entire household wakes in the middle of the night to a gut-wrenching scream inside the house.

Where imagination and suspense reign over splatter-gore, and the knowing modern reader can enjoy accompanying unsuspecting characters down the road to the inevitable, while themselves encountering mysteries and unexpected twists along the way.

Where can I buy this book?

Amber Michelle Cook writes stories of deep, meaningful fun.

Partly raised in Germany, she went to an international school for high-school, majored in linguistics, loves literature and period pieces. She's also a photography/graphic arts artist of color and wonder living in the great Northwest.

In addition to leading improv writing tables, she's one of the team behind National Novel Editing Month and Member Relations Chair of Communications/Marketing for the Northwest Independent Writers Association.

Aside from words and stories, she adores dogs and is fascinated by any and everything aquatic. Especially cephalopods.

Where can I find Amber? 

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