Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Eating with Chuckles #1

Welcome to Eating with Chuckles! Since watching Masterchef and the Australian version, I have finally become brave enough to try some new foods that I've never went near before. Some of these foods are ones that you will have tried many times before but for a safe, risk free person like me, I have never been one to try new stuff in case I hate it. So this is about to change and I will be talking about what I've tried, what I liked and hated. Why not join me on my culinary journey by leaving comments, suggesting recipes and websites that I might find useful!

OK I'm going to start with a salad that I picked up while out shopping this week. I have always liked the look of a few Greek dishes that I've seen being made on these shows and I picked up a salad with roasted tomatoes in a pepper sauce, feta cheese and tomato flavoured pasta. I love pasta but I'm never that adventurous about trying new things with it! Tomatoes I can eat if someone puts them on the plate but I can take or leave them. Black pepper sauces I find a bit too harsh with the meat dishes I've tried. And feta has always alarmed me because I only use cow's milk. The one time I ate goat cheese I got food poisoning which has scared me off trying anything else.

So how did I get on? I liked the roasted tomatoes with the pepper sauce. It gave it a lovely flavour which wasn't too strong and I liked it better than the doughy pasta in this salad and the lack of a decent sauce. The tomato sauce was non existant. However, I LOVED the feta cheese! It was creamy and crumbly and sooo tasty! So a big YEA to sheep cheese! I now plan to use that in future salads and I might try making a dressing so I can use the tomatoes more often as well.


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