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Book Review: Third Life:Taken by RJ Crayton

This is the third book in the Life First series. The cover will post by Aug. 1.

When Kelsey Reed fled her country to escape a forced kidney transplant, she was sure she’d never return. However, when her brother-in-law shows up on her doorstep, things change. Kelsey is ecstatic to see Greg, until he does something that changes everything.

Forced to head back to the nation that tried to kill her, Kelsey will need the help of her husband Luke, and friends Susan and Rob to escape this new nightmare.

My Review:
Kelsey and Luke are living in safety, thinking that all their problems are behind him after coming to a deal to keep all of them secure. So Kelsey has no reason to be concerned when her brother-in-law comes for a surprise visit-until something terrible happens, putting her entire family at risk. Returning to a country that wants her dead is a huge risk and it will take the combined efforts of Kelsey, her father, Luke, Susan and Rob to find a solution.

This was the best book of the series and the perfect conclusion to the story. It was a stomach churning, tension filled rollercoaster of emotions as you followed the two distinct but intertwined plots. First we had Susan planning her wedding to Rob when her ex boyfriend turns up with information concerning the donor selections of Susan and Kelsey which have some shocking consequences. Then we have Kelsey's tragic story and return to her home where enemies are waiting on all sides to capture and kill her. This book contains all the drama and tension that appeared in the first two in the series but takes it to a whole new level. It's not often that I find myself anxious when I read a book, worrying about the fate of ALL the characters but I did in this case. And there was plenty to worry about!

Kelsey is facing a terrible dilemma thanks to what Greg has done and now she is hiding in Susan's house as the wedding approaches, sick with worry about the fate of her family. You can feel her panic and fear at every stage as she faces the possibility that she could die. Luke is facing the prospect of his family being torn apart and will do anything to save his wife. Kelsey's father again is one of my favourite characters and I like the fact that some of his mistakes are coming back to haunt his daughter. Susan is such a great character through these books and I really feel for her. She is about to get married and is suddenly thrown back into a world of deception, blackmail, kidnapping and the ex who abandoned her when she became paralysed. I really liked the addition of that unhappy link to her past which could ruin her big day.

As the wedding gets closer, the gang come up with a couple of high risk plans which will either save them all or cause them to lose everything. The plot was woven in a clever manner, narrated by Susan and Kelsey in short sharp chapters in turn and I felt that this format added to the rising tension in the book. We would see events develop through Susan's eyes and then see the next event through Kelsey. It felt to me as if the author was drawing the seperate stories of Life First and Second Life slowly together with the wedding as the joining point where it all comes full circle.

It's tough to write a review that does not spoil all the lovely plotlines but I've done my best. I could not find fault with this book at all. The characters are the well loved ones we met in earlier books yet they have been developed further and have more suffering to endure. The plot is exciting, emotional and tense. The writing style is excellent and the author has that ability to mix plot and character in the right way to deliver another dystopian thriller.

I don't know what is next for RJ Crayton but I can tell you that this is an excellent storyteller who draws you in to a story and makes you care about what happens next. I certainly hope to see more from this author in the future.  

This is a Release Day review so you can buy it now online!
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