Thursday, 25 August 2016

Shafted by Clifford James: Beware the Online Purchases!

No it isn't a review for a porn book, it is a customer complaint issue! I purchased two support cushions from Clifford James from Amazon as my dad and I both have issues with our backs and I thought these would be good. I paid £37 for the pair.

Clifford James took the money, 'dispatched' them AND gave me a delivery date. And suddenly today I get a message cancelling the order and saying the items are permanantly unavailable. WT actual F???? I was told the bloody things were dispatched when they had never actually existed? What numbnut company advertises products they don't have and LIE to customers that the package has been dispatched when there is no physical way on this earth that it could have been dispatched? And they are sorry??? Well that's big of them!!! What a shoddy customer service!

Now I ask myself what else they are selling to customers online that doesn't exist! I'd say do yourself a favour and don't bother ordering from this crowd online as you'll probably get the run around and get no product to show for it.

Thankfully as I ordered through Amazon, my money is safe and has been refunded but that's not the point. Now I have to waste more time looking for an alternative product and I'm in a foul mood today. Hurrah! Bloody muppets. I am Angry and Sad Chuckles today and I'm now itching to buy some dvds or books to cheer myself up...


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