Monday, 8 August 2016

Book Review: Extinction by Phillip Tomasso

Aria Light’s planet is overpopulated. They have used up every natural resource, cured every disease, and are now on the verge of planet-wide self-destruction. In a desperate race to save their world, scientists send probes through space searching similar planets in other galaxies with the aspiration of starting new somewhere else.

Light and three other crew members embark on a treacherous journey for the Milky Way. Landing on a thriving blue planet, they hope for fresh air, clean water, and fertile land, a new world with the potential for colonization.

What they discover instead are massive, carnivorous lizards with insatiable appetites. . .

My Review: 
I am not a fan of science fiction books especially those set in space or on other planets but I decided to make an exception for a book about a dinosaur planet! I love my dinosaurs and always moan about there not being enough dinosaur action books out there so I had to grab this one! Nice cover too...

A planet who cured illness and disease and who took control of the climate, are facing a major problem-their world is overpopulated and on the verge of a crisis. Missions are being sent to other planets to find somewhere suitable to move some of the people to. One such flight discovers Earth from 65 million years or so ago where dinosaurs rule...

Aria and Martin head off into the jungle to survey the environment to see if it is suitable while Candice and Braddox stay to carry out repairs to their ship so that they can leave again. Soon, both pairs are starting to attract the interest of the local dinosaur population who are much bigger and quite hungry. Aria and Martin are soon running for their lives and about to find themselves lost a distance from the ship with their air tanks running out. Candice and Braddox have no choice but to abandon the repairs to do the same when something gets the scent of them. There is certainly plenty of tension and dinosaur interaction, which is what I was hoping for. And to add interest to the plot, the asteroid that wipes out life on the planet is coming...

There were some really good ideas in this story. I liked the fact that the crew were exploring Earth in the dinosaur times and that they had chosen to arrive just as the asteroid was bearing down on them. I do like a good apocalypse with lots of problems to deal with! My one issue with the dinosaur scenes was that is was difficult to work out what dinosaurs were actually attacking them, as they aren't names. I get the reason they are not named-it is a new planet for our team so they do not know anything about the local species...but I'd still liked to have them named! But that is a minor thing. There was also a few mistakes in spelling but nothing major to worry about.

The one thing I wondered about was the lack of air supply that they seemed to have. You would have thought that with it taking ten years to get to the planet, they would be sticking around for a decent period of time to fully explore the planet instead of such a short visit.

Overall it was an interesting and entertaining read for dinosaur fans.
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  1. You have to make an exception for dinosaurs! My youngest is obsessed and quite happily watches Jurassic Park over and over again, she is crazy about them!

    1. There are not enough dinosaur horror and dystopia! I'm also a huge fan of the Jurassic Park films! Can't wait for the next one...