Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Book Review: Z1N1 by Mitchell Layne Cook

So, what's really going to happen on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012? Zombies are going to destroy the world. That little nugget of wisdom should not surprise anyone. One can never fully discount the apocalyptic emergence of an undead pandemic. How did this happen?

Governments rush to vaccinate their citizens against an exceptionally virulent form of the H1N1 virus. However, certain celestial events cause the sun to release enormous amounts of solar flares and radiation starting on this fateful day. In the span of a few months after the winter solstice, thousands upon thousands of individuals treated with an inadequately tested vaccine become increasingly ill and eventually die. 

My Review: 
Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist grabbing zombie books, even if the book itself has had mixed reviews. I like to try things for myself and make up my own mind. After trying this one, I found myself agreeing with the negative reviews I'd previously read.

I found it slow, a bit silly in places and lacking in cohesion. We start with a group of survivors which include a military vet and his sniper sister, yet the group of them cannot deal with ten zombies or manage to shoot them either in the head or disable them to finish off later. A military vet and a sniper can't kill ten shambling zombies? Right.

We then jump back to the end of 2011 and follow the long and dull story of a group of lab workers who are working with new flu viruses. We follow their work through the whole of 2012, focusing on how the world did not end as predicted, and we follow them into another year. It seems there is an agreement that countries can sign up to in order to have vaccines sent out to them should an outbreak occur but corrupt employees are stockpiling some of the virus vaccine to sell to countries not covered by the agreement. This is all about corrupt officials stealing from stockpiles to make money for themselves and we don't even see another zombie until March 2013!!! So that was 30% of the book read before we see the slow start of a zombie outbreak! Even then it is focused on the bad guys trying to cover up the fact that their stupid vaccine is causing the zombie side effects and trying to make sure that nobody survives to tell about it!

Ugh. I like my zombie books to be focused on the zombies and the survivors. This was so far removed from a traditional zombie book that it frankly bored me senseless. I didn't like the characters, I wasn't interested in following the story of how corrupt officials covered their tracks and who they did business with. I just wanted the zombie outbreak and by the time we actually got to it I was no longer interested in reading it. It is all conspiracy and no zombie!

I didn't finish it and if you like fast paced zombie action, you should probably give it a miss.  
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  1. Yep, this sounds like it deserves the one star.

    1. Y'know it had been on my wishlist for about four years and when I finally got a copy, I wished I hadn't bothered. Ugh!