Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Book Review: Black Moon Sing by LM Hawke

"A Tony Hillerman/Patricia Briggs mashup that kept me turning pages faster and faster... I want more!" - Aimee Easterling, author of the Alpha Underground series.

A dark force is targeting a secret enclave of shapeshifters in the desert southwest, delivering them to grisly fates. Suspected of witchery and cast out of her human society, it's up to Ellery Chee, a lone coyote shifter, to stop this dangerous magician before her world is destroyed.

But Ellery will have to team up with other outcast magic-users to get the job done. It's a tall order to find witches and fae who are willing to come out of hiding to save the shifters. It's even tougher to convince Hosteen Sikaadii, an all-too-human detective, that Ellery is working for good, not evil.

Without Hosteen's help, she won't have a chance at stopping the slaughter. And she just might be the next shifter who's slated for a bloody end. 

My Review: 
I really don't know why so many people are comparing this to Patricia Briggs or saying her fans would love it, because it is nothing like Patricia Briggs other than the MC being able to turn into a coyote. It's not that this book is bad, as such, but when the blurb compares your writing to one of the best urban fantasy writers ever, you are going to get compared and not in a favourable way.

I do not enjoy angst between my main characters. We have a human and a supernatural working together who are prejudiced against each others races, don't like and don't trust each other. If you want to do the comparison thing, what really worked with the Mercy Thompson series was the way the characters work together and interact with each other-Mercy having friends who are wolves, vampires and fae, as well as human. That doesn't happen in this book.

I found the MC reasonably interesting in that she could shift into more than one form. I think her forms could be quite interesting for the plot but I don't like that the whole beginning of the book was just ruled by prejudice...the people in the bar who hate supernaturals, the Navajo guy who thinks her kind are evil skinwalkers, her prejudice to humans, Navajo and vampires...it was all a bit grim and depressing. It didn't make me relate to the MC or be fascinated by the world she lives in when everyone seems to hate everyone.

I just wasn't getting into this at all. Putting the Patricia Briggs reference in the book blurb for me was a mistake as it left me looking for another Mercy Thompson type thing to love and it bears no resemblance at all. For me the book had little chance of measuring up so it bound to fall a bit flat. If that reference had not been there, perhaps more people would judge it based on the book itself, but even doing that, I still wasn't getting into it and won't be reading on in the series. There wasn't enough there to grab me.
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  1. I agree with comparisons...nothing can turn me off a book quicker. I was so sick of books being compared to Gone Girl after it came out and hit it big. Firstly, I didn't really care much for Gone Girl and secondly, just because it was a thriller with a twist does not always make something a standout novel. I love the cover on this one and am sad to hear you didn't care much for it. I have it on my Kindle but am pretty sure I picked it up for free so I'm not out anything.

    1. If I see one more book that claims to be the new Harry Potter I think I might have to hurt somebody! I haven't had much luck today-6 abandoned books and some had great covers like this one!