Sunday, 7 August 2016

Chuckles Goes Olympic: Day One

I cannot believe that it is four years since the London Olympics where I was glued to the coverage all day! Being screened live from Rio means I need to record the action in the early hours of the morning but I'll see most of what I want which is good.

The 'must see' events for me are cycling, track cycling, athletics, canoe slalom, rowing, swimming, kayak, canoe sprint, BMX, mountain bike, triathlon. I love these events. Will also tune in for British interest in the tennis, gymnastics, diving. I'll try to fit in golf and shooting events where time allows and a few other events ie beach volleyball & handball depending on when they are on and if I have time to catch up with them.

The only things I really avoid are rhythmic gymnastics, synchronised swimming, trampoline, modern pentathlon, fencing and that kind of thing. 

So are you watching the coverage? What events do you love and what do you avoid? Medal predictions? I'll be posting a few times about what I've enjoyed watching and the good and bad results I've seen during the games. 

I wasn't really expecting much in the way of medals in the cycling road race despite the media hype around Chris Froome-it isn't his best event. I did get excited by the road race itself especially when Thomas was in the mix. The commentators were getting on my nerves by announcing at regular intervals that this was the winner or this guy couldn't be caught when anyone who knows racing KNOWS the gaps weren't big enough! And how spectacular was the scenery during the race? Beautiful!

I managed to see some of the rowing before it suddenly changed channel and I was left with a recording of hockey or something else. Great. Useful. The rowing venue also had stunning scenery.

In the end, these were the only bits I actually saw most of. I saw five minute roundup of the men's gymnastics qualifying which I had also recorded to watch later but instead I think it was judo. BBC need to sort out this crap coverage and SHOW what is advertised on the right channel. Day One and I'm not happy. 


  1. I love the Olympics sooooo much! I wish I didn't have to work so I could watch it all day.

    1. I always enjoy the Olympics, Winter Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships for my favourite sports. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the cycling!

  2. I haven't been watching a lot of the events, but I've watched a lot of the coverage/highlights (ESPN, Today Show, etc). It's fun to see the athletes so thrilled to be competing. And hey - the first gold went to a girl from WVU - my home state! That was thrilling.

    1. I've found it stressful trying to keep up with all my favourites and it'll get worse now with the start of track cycling and athletics just before the weekend! I'll need a holiday to recover from the Olympics!!!