Monday, 8 August 2016

Chuckles Goes Olympic Day Two

This is my review of Day Two. I was having to sit and change between nine channels to try not to miss anything and it was far from fun or relaxing. The rowing heats were cancelled due to the wind and waves, the canoe slalom ran late which meant there were FIVE things I wanted to see at once-women's gymnastics, women's road race, canoe slalom, swimming anddiving. Erk! Plus I was trying to watch in case the rowing started AND hunt down Andy Murray in the tennis(which I missed!!!). I thought this was meant to be fun...?

Rio may have had it's critics but the canoe slalom stadium (above) looks spectacular. Great Brirish performances from David Florence and Joe Clarke to qualify. Andy Murray wins the singles tennis but he and brother Jamie went out in the doubles which was a bit of a shock to me. I don't know if Jamie goes in the mixed doubles but if he doesn't his Olympics are over which is a shame. Also out of the tennis were the Williams sisters in the doubles and Djokovic in the men's singles which I won a nice bet with! The woman's gymnastics team looked decent with a few mistakes but safely through.

Brilliance from Adam Peaty and Jazz Carlin in the swimming with the gold and silver medals. I also enjoyed the diving. I had been enjoying the cycling road race again until that shocking crash on the descent by the leader. The way she landed, my dad and I thought she was dead with a broken neck. It was gut churning, it really was. The good news is that Annemiek has been tweeting from hospital-a few fractures in her spine but it looks so much better than yesterday. Get well soon!

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