Monday, 1 August 2016

Book Review: After the Blast by TL Knighton

Jason wasn't having a bad day, but all that changed with a blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud on the horizon. Overweight and out of shape, Jason must struggle home, only to learn that finding his family would be more of a challenge.

Along the way, he transforms into someone different. Is he the kind of man that is the problem with this new world, or the kind of man this new world needs?

My Review: 
Jason is normal, a bit fat and out of shape, and miles from home when the nuclear blast hits nearby. He grimly sets about walking home but on arrival finds a note from his wife saying she took their son to her mother's cabin in the mountain. Jason has to prepare for a long journey to be reunited with his family.

Firstly, I liked the fact that the MC was a fat guy instead of a superfit prepper or ex military person. It was good to see an ordinary guy having to walk miles to rescue himself and find his family. Jason was a guy you could like, who has to deal with a very tough journey, starting by having to kill a man who attacks him to steal his supplies. This for me was believable. Food is in short supply and cruel people will kill you for what you have if you don't defend yourself. Jason also reacts to this setback in a normal way.

However, from this point on, the plot starts to stretch realism to the extreme. Jason's next heroic event is saving a family from a group of bandits who are preparing to rape the mother and daughter. Jason manages to trick the bandits and save everyone despite having no training or experience in such a thing. I chose to give him the benefit of the doubt as everyone can get lucky sometimes.

Jason reaches his mother-in-laws cabin to find their son safe but Angie tells him that his wife Jesse has been taken away to join the harem of women being held by the local warlord Maximillion. Jason decides that he is going to become Rambo and go into the compound, kill all the men guarding, kill the warlord and rescue the prisoners. OK I draw the line at that one. Jason is just a normal guy who would die in ten seconds if he attempted a stunt like that! It might be interesting and entertaining to read but the plot is off into fantasy.

Yes he does manage to do his Rambo mission and is rewarded by grateful locals who set him up as the big Poobah to rule the area and run militias to keep them all safe. Oh please! And all this in 40 pages? Oh and don't forget he has lost all of his fat...

The basis for a good story is there. Had Jason met up with a military guy or mountain man prepper to help, I could have believed more in his Rambo mission but he was doing it alone which was not going to happen. It all felt rushed and underdeveloped and was better suited to a novella instead of a short story. I gave it 3 stars on Goodreads because I actually liked the story in spite of the flaws and plot holes but really it is 2.5. 


  1. Sounds like some individual twists to the story. But these story types are hard for me to get into these days. Maybe in a few months. ;)

    1. This would have made a really good book except the Rambo stuff-still, it wasn't a bad read so i'M HAPPY ENOUGH. This is a book I read a while back and have just got round to reviewing it!