Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book Review: Band of Preppers 2 by Chad Evercroft

Finally able to settle in and get used to the lifestyle in the rural Post-Pandemic village in Mineral Point, the Evers family is starting to really feel at home. Megan and Britney are now fully integrated into the family, Adam is becoming a man, uncle Buckle is still his own sovereign self and Derek and Amy are learning to enjoy life in a world without cell phones, TVs and other technological luxury items. However, when threat draws nearer to the barricades that separate the peaceful village from the cruel outside world, the family sees itself faced with never before seen challenges. Will the newly tightened family bonds unravel? Will the village break apart, leaving its members to fend for themselves?

My Review:
This is the second book in the series so read with care if you haven't read book one but intend to at some point.

We start with Megan's back story-how her sister was infected by the virus and died from it. Blake and Megan flee to his mother's house where they are given a frosty reception from his brothers who don't want to share resources. On a supply run, Blake becomes infected and Megan and Britney are abandoned to die with him. We follow their story which brings us up to date with events at the compound.

After the events in book one, things seem to have settled down until Pat's wife Kara suddenly becomes sick with a virus, followed by Pat and Fred. Panic threatens to tear the group apart as Amy tries to tend to the sick while others want to kill the sick people without giving them a chance to try and recover. How did they get infected? Why are some of their family not sick and can they be cured? I liked the outbreak plot as it sows seeds of suspicion in the group and the true nature of certain characters is revealed.

Derek was annoying me in this book as he seems obsessed with proving he can do everything without Buckle's help, even when family circumstances take a surprising turn. Derek is consumed with jealousy and won't let Buckle help. Talk about ungrateful! Derek mate, if it wasn't for your brother, you would all have probably died in the first viral outbreak or you would have starved to death! Get over yourself and stop being an arse!

This book deals with the relationships and problems of living in a small community where you rely on each other and live in each other's pockets. Petty jealousy and insecurities undermine the community and turn nasty when the virus appears amongst them, turning people against each other and changing the community forever. There is also the challenge of trying to find other reliable people to trade with and avoiding the people who are ruling in a militia and telling people how to run their farms. This book is more focused on finding a way forward for the long term.

It wasn't as enjoyable as book one but was still a decent read.

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