Sunday, 21 August 2016

Reading With Chuckles

I have renamed my TBR Reading Challenge and changed it back to Reading with Chuckles as it sounds better, especially at times when I have no specific challenge running. So this is where I'll share what I read and abandoned each week, and I'll give the odd update on the state of my poor TBR! It does suffer at times...! The link under the book takes you to the Goodreads page for that book so you can decide whether to read it, and see my reviews when they are posted.

Wow, it's been a few weeks since I last did a reading post which shows you the kind of trough I've been going through with the insomnia and then the Olympics getting in the way of quality reading time. These are the books I've read since my last Reading With Chuckles at the end of July. I hope to get back on full schedule tonight and do my final Olympic post tomorrow!


JK Rowling etc-Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

CL Swinney-Robert Black 

Scott Campbell Jr-Giving the Finger 

Josh & Jake Harris-Captain Phil Harris 

Sig Hansen-Deadliest Waters 

I also read a few more Berenstain Bears books in between events but I'm not listing them all here. These can be seen on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. Speaking of which I am 5 books away from hitting my 200 book target! Yea! I hope to fit in a lot more before the end of the year!

How are you guys doing on your reading challenges? Read anything good recently? 


  1. I haven't really been watching the Olympics, but wow, Team GB have been doing really well, huh?

    1. Best ever Olympic performance, beating even London 2012! I'm excited for the future if the government invests more into grass roots sport to bring the talent through.

  2. I'm afraid to read "The Cursed Child." I've heard so many mixed things about it. I really enjoyed reading your Olympic recaps and am glad you enjoyed watching them. We watched some basketball this weekend, but that was all.

    1. I need to get in gear and get it reviewed! I've been using pre-prepared posts for book reviews through the Olympics and now I need to get back to writing them. I was afraid to read it too and to start with I found reading it as a script awkward-but once I got into it I really enjoyed it!

    2. I've only read one other scripted book - Storm of the Century, and didn't hate it, but it did take a while to get used to it.

    3. It's a bit weird to start with, that's for sure and you do miss JK's descriptions-but you can see her hands all over the complex story! I'm still trying to decide how much to say in my review...