Monday, 15 August 2016

Chuckles Goes Olympic Day Nine

I am so tired this morning. I was up to stupid o'clock yet again watching tennis and then athletics. I know he isn't British but lets have a huge shout out for Usain Bolt for beating serial drug cheat Justin Gatlin. Sorry if this upsets American fans but I always want to see cheats defeated regardless of their country!

But lets gloat about Britain first. So many amazing performances! I have to start with the force of nature that is Andy Murray. Defending your Olympic title is some performance and he showed guts and determination to beat the excellent Juan Martin Del Potro who fought every step of the way and should be applauded.

Golf is back in the Olympics and I was thrilled to see Justin Rose get gold. He taled before Rio about how much competing in Rio meant to him, as other golfers pulled out. I was also happy to see Henrik Stenson and Matt Kuchar get the medals as I admire them very much.

I was in tears watching the gymnastics as well as Max Whitlock put in amazing solo performances to win TWO Olympic gymnastics golds! I'd hoped he might medal in pommel horse but I never expected that wonderful win on floor! And watching the joy of those two Brazilian boys getting silver and bronze was very emotional. It was fantastic!

The bullet that is Jason Kenny took gold in the cycling sprint - he really is something special!


Callum Skinner took silver in the same event-oh the future of British sprint cycling looks very good indeed!

Nick Dempsey took silver in the windsurfing. Good job!

Louis Smith took silver in the pommel horse-another excellent performance!

What an awesome Super Sunday! I feel tired, emotional and drained! Imagine how the athletes feel!!! Great Performance by Britain but I'll leave you with Usain Bolt and Juan Martin Del Potro for their efforts.



  1. I'm glad Usain Bolt won as well. I've always liked watching him. And you are right, cheating is just plain wrong no matter who does it.

    1. I wish they could just kick out everyone who failed a drgs test to help clean up the sport. It is depressing when a world record falls and you get suspicious rather than celebrate!