Friday, 4 March 2016

Urban Fantasy Week!

Welcome to Urban Fantasy Week at The Book Cave! I've got a few UF books sitting on my shelf upstairs that I bought ages ago but haven't yet read so this 'week' I plan to tackle them over the next 10 days. There could be vampires. There could be werewolves and shifters. There could be witchcraft. There could be demons. There could be monsters. The options are endless! It has been a while since I read a pile of UF so hopefully I find some good ones this week! 

Some of the books and series that are waiting on my shelves are mentioned below so if you've read them I'd appreciate some feedback ie Heavy on romance? Love triangles? Slow? Fast Paced? More like crime novel than UF? Moronic characters? Instaluv? All sex no plot? Lots of action? It might help me choose what I'm going to read! I won't get through all of them between now and a week on Sunday but I'll see how many I can try!

Kelly Gay-Better Part of Darkness 

Dina Given-Unhidden 

Alex Hughes-Clean 

James A Hunter-Strange Magic 

Suzanne Johnson-Royal Street 

Marshall Ryan Maresca-A Murder of Mages 

Joseph Nassise-The Heretic 

Daniel Jose Older-Half Resurrection Blues 

Nicholas Olivo-Imperium 

Luke Romyn-Demonsong 

Lauren M Roy-Night Owls 

Jamie Schultz-Premonitions 

John Shirley-Bleak History 

Rob Thurman-Trick of the Light 

James R Tuck-Blood and Bullets 

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  1. I've looked at five of the above list so far and abandoned them all! Oh well, five more off the tbr list!