Thursday, 3 March 2016

Book Review: Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough

Life was good for Matt and Chloe. They were in love and looking forward to their new baby. But what Chloe gave birth to isn t a baby. It isn t even human. It s an entirely new species that uses humans only for food and as hosts for their young.

As Matt soon learns, though, he is not alone in his terror. Women all over town have begun to give birth to these hideous creatures, spidery nightmares that live to kill and feed. As the infestation spreads and the countryside is reduced to a series of web-shrouded ghost towns, will the survivors find a way to fight back? Or is it only a matter of time before all of mankind is reduced to a Breeding Ground?

My Review:
Matt and Chloe are looking forward to having their first baby but when Chloe starts putting on weight all over and having violent moodswings, Matt gets concerned. Her doctor admits that all the women in town are acting weird and he can do nothing to help them. The men around town are scared of their partners, who give birth to spider like creatures that eat human meat. The surviving men start finding each other and plan to flee to a safer place that they can defend against the spiders and protect the few uninfected women that they find.

There was a lot to like about this excellent horror novel. It is set in the UK so the survivors have to use their brains and makeshift weapons ie golf clubs to defend themselves as they hunt for vehicles, supplies and head into the country and safety. There are good action scenes and a lot of tension in the early part of the book where the women are preparing to give birth. It has a creepy feel to it and being arachnophobic myself, it gave me the horrors but in a good way! It was quite a gripping plot and it just gets straight to the point without endless over descriptive waffle. I certainly liked that.

It is not just about the spiders though they evolve in interesting ways through the book. It is also about the worst side of human nature as the characters have to choose between good and evil acts. There were several fascinating plot twists as the action evolved throughout the book and I was left wondering what was coming next! There is also the wonderful dog Chester who I loved and I worried constantly about his safety. I always seem to care more about the dog than the human characters. So I'm rooting for Chester!

The last third of the book might seem over the top to some readers but I loved the shocks, the twists and the resolution of the fate of each character. It was great to see a few people get sorted out! I even liked the reasons for certain women being immune as it was at least a bit different even if it wasn't scientifically plausible! I'm no scientist and I can enjoy far fetched plots if they are well written and exciting and the author certainly does deliver on that score.

There are a couple of things that bugged me in the plot. It doesn't seem to take Matt long to forget poor Chloe, starting to fancy and pursue Katie virtually straight away. Are men really that cold that they just start chasing women as soon as their partner dies? Matt is a human hormone and not exactly Mr Personality yet all the women seem to be unable to resist him and he isn't exactly smart when history repeats itself. I can't really more without spoiling the plot. Matt hardly seems to care about the women he beds which made me dislike him the further the book went on. I can't say that I'm keen on these apocalypse romance plotlines but the story was good enough to ignore Matt's womanising for the most part.

I liked the storytelling and the way the plot was developed. I liked that it was a bit different and had horrible spider things in it. I liked the B Movie feel to aspects of it and that it was an enjoyable horror romp. I will certainly read Feeding Ground and would be interested in reading more by the author.
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  1. Sorry I saw the word spider and freaked, not for me!!

    1. I hate spiders-they terrify me! I actually managed to kill my first big hairy spider for ten years last week and I was so happy with myself!