Thursday, 3 March 2016

Book Review: Hell Week by JT Sawyer

Get ready for a fresh take on the zombie genre when the SEALs fix their crosshairs on the undead and the unsavory. James Enroy, a former Navy SEAL, thinks he is the sole survivor left in L.A. after a bioweapon cripples humanity, turning the infected into pudding-faced zombies. A chance meeting with an old mentor and a young heroine brings the trio into a confrontation with a criminal kingpin who has turned the L.A. Zoo into a gladiator arena, pitting zombies against humans. 

My Review:
James is a former Seal and is now a private security guard to a rich man, looking after all his security needs. They live in the penthouse of a locked and secure building filled with supplies and weapons. It is the perfect place to be when the zombie apocalypse begins, especially with his employer dead and his daughter missing. Then he realises that women are being held captive by armed men at the zoo and he decides to go and see if there is any way to free them.

This was a decent zombie book. James is a character you can relate to as he wants to do the right thing and not leave the women as prisoners if there is any way of saving them. I admit that in his place I would have been happy just to stay safe with my supplies and being a big reader, I'd have lots of books to keep me from getting bored! But of course there would be no story then...So James decides to scout out the zoo, first holing up with another army colleague who then agrees to help him. Not only are there civilian prisoners but there is a gladiator ring where captured men have to battle against the zombies for the entertainment of the criminal gang.

I really liked the action in the arena. It was interesting to see what didderent people do with the offered weapons, how a small mistake can be the difference between being alive and being zombie chow! I liked the way James used his training to take on the zombies and plan a way to kill the gang members and rescue the civilians.

I liked the idea of the plot. I can never get enough of zombies and there was enough action and tension in it to keep me happy. I especially loved the bit where nature gets its revenge! While I did enjoy it as a read, I wouldn't go rushing out to read a sequel unless it was really cheap. It just lacked the oomph that I look for in zombie books to just take it to the next level. There is nothing wrong with it but it didn't grab me in the way that the author's First Wave did. I still plan to look at the Carlie Simmons series at some point.
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