Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Book Review: Dauntless by Shannon Mayer (Nevermore #3)

Surrounded by the most obstinate of madness, Mara will use the strength within herself to free both she and Sebastian once and for all. As Sebastian slips further away from her, Mara will have to fight as she never has before--alone. The bonds of love and friendship will be stretched to their breaking point as the world around them spins out of control, and the dangers continue to mount. Can she carry them both through the obstacles ahead and find a way to heal Sebastian? Can she accomplish all of this in time?

This final chapter of The Nevermore Trilogy will leave you breathless, sitting on the edge of your seat screaming out loud for love to overcome and the goodness of human nature to prevail.

My Review:
As Mara watches, Donovan loses his mind and Bastian might not pull through the experimental cure that he has been given. Either way, time has run out and she must grab the drug and get him out of the building. The staff are escaping and Marks has attacked the building to help buy them time. It looks like the cure might be working but Bastian will no longer be able to control Scout and the others.

This was a bit of a mixed read for me. There were good things like the consequences of Bastian's cure-no longer being one of the monsters means that he is no longer their leader and cannot protect Mara from them now. Only Scout seems to want to stay loyal to them.

However, I was seriously unhappy about what they forced Scout to do. They could have given him the cure instead! That's the thanks that he gets for all of his loyalty through the series. Nice. I really got annoyed with the new Bastian. Mara fought tooth and nail to keep him alive, doing whatever it took to save him from people who wanted to hurt hi. She rescues him and he decides he just wants to give up and kill himself? He wasn't willing to fight for her the way she fought for him which made him a real monster to me! I was also annoyed by how pointless the wholeof the Jessica plot was. Another one who could have had redemption and I was very disappointed by how her story turned out.

It was a decent read but could have been so much better. Neither of the sequels matched up to the first book.
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