Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Gardening With Chuckles

Yes it's that time of year when we reluctantly cast our eyes towards the garden, when the hedge is growing, the grass is full of dandelions and the weeds are doing a conga up the garden path! I've never had green fingers and a mixture of ill health, bad weather and family issues means my dad and I have neglected the garden over the last five years and now we have a ton of work to do! You can follow our 'adventures' through the summer!

Yesterday, I decided for the first time ever, to cut the hedge. I usually leave it to my dad but now it's time to do more myself. I bought a new hedge cutter at Aldi at a great price two weeks ago so yesterday, out I went to tackle the hedge in the front garden. I was expecting it to be hard work but although the hedge cutter was heavy to hold, I was wielding it like Leatherface in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre! I was thinking how great this would be during the zombie apocalypse then I realised we wouldn't have electricity to run it...

So I had a nice dinner of stir fry chicken with Peking Lemon sauce and long grained rice and sat down to read a nice zombie novel...and the pains started in my back, knees and hips. Erk! I couldn't get comfy in my bed so this morning I looked and felt like a zombie plus I feel like someone pulled my arms out of the sockets! Great! Another week of soreness to enjoy! Still, it's one job of many done and my dad did a bit of weeding.

Still to do:

Lay new paving stones in front garden
New gate for front garden
Gravel for side of path in front garden
Construct water collection bin in back garden
Construct compost bin in back garden
Paint fence in back garden
Plant holly bushes front and back gardens
Lay circular patio in back garden
De-weeding rockery



  1. You should post some pictures when you get a lot of the work done. I would love to see what you are accomplishing. My husband loves to sit around and come up with ways to fight zombies during the apocalypse. You guys would have lots to talk about. Just finished a pretty decent horror novella - Sour Candy. It reaffirmed my dislike for most children. You should check it out!

    1. Yeah I think I might post the pictures. I might do some before and after pics to show how bad it looked! I had a look at my house-my lower floor windows are quite high off the ground so they should be zombie proof! Tell your husband I think about that stuff a lot!

      Now if Sour Candy was about killing disruptive children, that would have been perfect! Kids, bah!

  2. I am beginning to appreciate how much hard work gardening, bags of compost and the likes are freaking heavy. As I donder about I have been listening to the Zombies Run app which tracks my steps and tells me a zombie story too!

    1. I didn't think that ten minutes of hedge cutting would leave me so sore! When I see all the other jobs we need to do, I want to cry! Add that to all the stuff needing done in the house...arrgghh! But that is another post...! Mmmm, zombies!

  3. I have thought about gardening off and on over the years but haven't actually jumped in and done it yet. Good for you for getting things done. I would be sore for a very long time after all of that work. I would love to see some before and after pics.

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life

    1. I know what you took me an AGE to force myself to do something. I have plans to grow some herbs, fruit and veg next year so I really want to get the prep work and landscaping done this year. Groan! When the rain stops I'll get some before pics done. It's pretty wild today!