Sunday, 27 March 2016

Reading With Chuckles

I have renamed my TBR Reading Challenge and changed it back to Reading with Chuckles as it sounds better, especially at times when I have no specific challenge running. So this is where I'll share what I read and abandoned each week, and I'll give the odd update on the state of my poor TBR! It does suffer at times...! The link under the book takes you to the Goodreads page for that book so you can decide whether to read it, and see my reviews when they are posted.

I couldn't really decide on a theme at the start of the week as I wasn't feeling much like reading but luckily I read a great zombie book and that got me motivated for another week of reading. It basically turned into an apocalypse week which I enjoyed! I haven't decided on a theme so I'll just do a read what I feel week! 


TJ Reeder-Revolt at Muddy Bog Texas 

Quent Cordair-Sheltered 

Glynn James-Mogadishu of the Dead 

Glynn James-Three Parts Dead 

Kettle & Christine-Beau Peep vol 5 

Kettle & Christine-Beau Peep vol 7 

Kettle & Christine-Beau Peep vol 20 

Jerry D Young-Neighbors 

JJ Holden-Life After pt 1 

Paul Bryce-Extinction 

Nicholas Olivo-Sync 

Susan Gregersen-A Tale of Two Preppers 


Shaun Whittington-Monsterland 

Mitchell Layne Cook-Z1N1 

Theresa Shaver-Land 

Madeline Sheehan-Thicker than Blood 

Gerald Rice-30 minute plan 



  1. I don't read a lot of apocalypse books, but I do enjoy them now and ten. I am glad you enjoyed your apocalypse week and had some great books! I hope you'll have a great week!

    1. Thanks Lola! I hope to be more productive this week!

  2. Was Thicker than Blood bad? I have always fancied it but never got round to reading...

    1. I really didn't like the two female characters especially Evelyn. I hated her! Not enough zombies, more romance than zombies, repetitive, too slow and annoyed by plot decisions. So didn't much like anything about it!