Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Release: The Blossom Curse by Muhammad Ali Haidar

Alex Pearl is the Son of Eclipse, a warrior given abilities by the Eclipse to protect the human world and the Emerald City from the darkness. He is soon turning eighteen. For the Children of The Eclipse turning eighteen is liberty but to Alex is the start of a curse. The most powerful dark curse ever used. And the only way to stop this curse is to find the one who put it there in the first place. What dark secrets will Alex uncover about his past, present and future? Who is the Infernal Queen? And what relates Alex to her? Will he bare the betrayal? He has thirty days left to live and venture through the Shadow World, with his friends and her, to gather the missing pieces of the puzzle of his past. But … will he survive the wrath of the Shadow Lord?

Released October 2013.

Where can I buy this book? 

Muhammad Haidar is a young author. He lives in Lebanon with the dream of getting published. He wrote books from since he was ten. He loves to read whatever books are thrown into him. Writes obsessively and wonders through the world of imagination with wild hunger. He, however, aspires to become a best seller and hopes to travel around the countries of the world in the quest of venturing through the cultures of each. 

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