Monday, 7 October 2013

Featured Author: M.M. Gavillet

I live in west central Illinois with my husband, two children and a variety of pets. My life is quiet,mostly normal, and soemtimes boring,except for when I write and cook at the same time, things have a tendency to go up in flames. I enjoy mostly urban fantasy novels, especially young adult. 

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Lyssa never thought much about other worlds, magic or even the possibility of either one existing, until, her world along with a hidden past crashed into her quiet life. Avoiding the spotlight for seventeen-year-old Lyssa Cleverthorn is next to impossible now that she has the Everspell—the one thing everyone wants that she wishes to get rid of…or maybe keep.
Toby has it all—a beautiful girlfriend, friends, family…but something’s missing or more liked changed. He’s drawn to Lyssa, the girl he never noticed before, in a way he can’t explain, but, then again he never thought too much about spells and Banshees as girlfriends either. Plagued with dreams and visions of Lyssa, Toby Winslett soon finds himself risking his life to be with her, to save her from danger. But that’s just the beginning to a past never meant to be unearthed.
Eli never dreamed he’d end up in a prison in Avalon alongside the villains he’d put there as a sentry of the Fae world and he never thought the one true love he ever had would betray him in ways unimaginable. It isn’t until he finds the Everspell, the one thing to save Avalon, would open a world he never knew and the family he longed for. 

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Not All Books Were Meant To Be Checked Out…

Magic scepters, enchanted wands, and poisoned darts aren’t usual implements used by librarians—unless you’re in charge of imprisoning bad wizards, renegade sorceresses and evil magicians into books that aren’t ordinary books. Keeping order among the enchanted community isn’t what nineteen-year-old Abi VanHaven had in mind of a career.
Finding out your mother was a librarian isn’t earth shattering. At least that’s what Abi thought. Everything changed when Abi received a letter from her mother that died before she had any memory of her. What was to end with her mother has now spilled into Abi’s life.
Now hunted by Victoria-a once librarian turned evil sorceress, Abi must find and secure a powerful scepter her mother took from Victoria. Abi isn’t alone on her quest. With the help of two eccentric witches, a drop-dead-gorgeous siren, a misunderstood gnome and the guardians—an organization devoted to protecting libraries that hold incarcerated criminals, Abi finds herself between good and evil and also the blurred edges between friendship and love. 

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