Thursday, 10 October 2013

Book Review: Dark Rain by Stephanie Jackson(bk2)

Mel was accustomed to dealing with the Supernatural. Her job was to reap lost souls and get them into the tunnel where they belonged. There was very little that could surprise her anymore. She'd seen everything from your basic lost soul to reanimated corpses, and she'd reaped them all, but even she was shocked when her front door blew in, raining debris and one angel named Remiel, down on her.
Remiel was the Light at the end of the tunnel and the one that had given her the ability to crossover wayward spirits...and now he needed her help. Seven souls have escaped and fallen from the tunnel; seven evil, twisted Dark Souls. Remiel needed her help to recollect the seven fallen souls and return them to the tunnel before they can wreak havoc on the Earth. It was going to dangerous and the chances of Remiel or Mel surviving were slim.
Mel wasn't thrilled with the assignment, but it was either help Remiel or watch her world become the top floor of Hell. Was she strong enough to reap the darkest, most evil souls to ever exist? Unfortunately, she was about to find out.

My Review: 
*I received a free copy of this book from the author through Paranormal and Horror Lovers in exchange for an honest review*

Mel is forced to take on a job with The Light where he kills seven dark souls that escaped from him which Mel will then reap for him. The fate of the world is as stake and Mel has no choice but to take on this dangerous mission. A road trip with a cold and grumpy Angel is not her idea of a fun time.

I enjoyed book 2 in this series as much as I enjoyed book 1, which is always a relief. The plot is quite different from The Reaper Within, giving another fresh twist to the series. The danger is higher, the plot moves faster and new characters are introduced to the mix. Yet the book still retains the good elements that I liked so much-the humour, the action, good tight plot, excellent writing and fun characters. We still have the soul reaping and paranormal elements but it is done in a different way for this book, which shows that the author wants to entertain the reader with something different each time, and not just churn out the same thing each time. The plot itself was well written and keeps you interested the whole time. There are no boring parts and the writing style of the author is uncomplicated which lets the story flow along.

The new characters of Gabriel and Michael were a good addition to this story. Gabriel was witty and amusing and I loved the 'wing groping' incident which really made me laugh. Michael's big entrance to the story was also very funny. Angels obviously aren't as perfect as we think! It was also good that the characters I liked from the first book were here as well. Betty is just really funny and her obsession with angels leads to some very funny moments in this book.

Again, I can't really say that there was anything about the book that I didn't like. I read the entire book in one night as it is slightly shorter than my normal reads. I felt though that this was just the right length for the book. Fans of urban fantasy and paranormal books should enjoy this book which again I very much recommend. I look forward to reading more about Mel and the gang in the future.
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