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Featured Author: Mike Lee(Breakwater Harbor books)

Mike Lee lives and works in Denver, Colorado, as a psychotherapist. He started writing letters to the editor in local newspapers shortly after graduate school, and was pleasantly surprised when they occasionally were run as guest columns. Later, he was solicited to write articles on psychology for a woman's magazine in Bulgaria. He began writing fiction in 2010, and found he enjoyed it. Now he writes fiction whenever his private psychology practice affords him the time. He can be reached at, and is always happy to hear from readers. The dog in the photo is his good friend and constant companion, Dotty.

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Captain Vince Lombard, G-Marine company commander, is tasked with tracking down a stray ship. The Alliance Military Ship StarFire has gone silent, and previous attempts to locate her have resulted in the loss of more ships. After two previous wars with xenospecies humanity bumped into while expanding into space, no one knows what might be the cause of StarFire's missing in action status. And internal politics between Fleet command and the Galactic Marine Corps might mean that, unless something is done, humanity may get the news it's at war with yet another new race about the time they show up to attack one of the human systems in the sector.

A prequel to the book "Fey," this story is a novelization of the story Vince related to Blondie in the previous book, which many readers requested. I'm happy to accomodate my readers by providing this novel-length version of that story.

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The Fey; a race of tiny creatures, humanoid in general appearance (size notwithstanding,) but possessing wings, and the ability to fly… as well as some other strange things. They are the fairies of legends and folk tails, and they disappeared from human history, long, long ago.
The fate of the Fey has always been tied to the fate of humanity, but they have been content to stay in the background for ages, without worry that human-kind is destined to continue on into the foreseeable future. Humanity has forgotten their very existence, as well as their role in the destiny of both races.
But now, after the better part of two millennia, one of the Fey pops up again, and in the most unlikely place: Many millions of miles away from Old Earth, on a space station that serves as a gambling casino.
A decorated war-hero, Vince Lombard, Major, Galactic Marine Corps (retired,) is now a professional gambler, traveling from casino to casino, working an old trade, and making a living as he works his way back towards Old Earth. The space station casino is just one more stop along the way, until he finds himself at the center of a brewing storm, as humans and aliens alike begin to see the potential uses a fairy can be put to. It's not just that everybody wants one. Everybody wants THIS one, and it won't be easy to find a path through the problems ahead, keeping his new Fey friend out of the hands of the government, and the aliens, alike. But an old veteran like Vince has a few tricks up his sleeve, still. Could that be why the fairy came to him?
Fairies are capable of things that humans have no explanation for. But they can't do everything, and sometimes, even a fairy needs a hand. Who better than a Galactic Marine to help, when some good old human ingenuity is called for? Maybe Vince has found a friend for life, in his Fey companion. If he can save her life, that is.
"Fey" is a sometimes-whimsical, fun, and light fantasy/sci-fi adventure story.

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Horkers are thieves, but they are thieves with a code. Trained from birth in the skills of Misdirection, Sleight of hand, and Confidence, as well as the Ten Laws of Horking, one such horker, Spivver MacAnders, is working his way through life with his skills. When Spiv comes across the aftermath of a heinous crime, he is drawn into a commitment to deliver an ancient artifact to a wizard. But the realm he must travel through to accomplish this has already been invaded by the army of a another powerful wizard, who seeks that artifact for himself! It will be no easy task, but a secretive and skilled Horker may be the perfect messenger to send on such a mission. It will take all of Spiv's skill and ingenuity, if he is to be successful!

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