Thursday, 10 October 2013

Book Review: The Reaper Within by Stephanie Jackson (bk1)

Melissa Chaser leads what most people would think was an interesting life. Mel's job was to find wayward spirits and cross them over to the other side; she was a real life Reaper. It was a hard and dangerous job, especially when the spirits were wreaking havoc on people or property, but it was never anything that she couldn't handle.

And then she got the fateful call from Mrs. Mabry. There was a problem with a house she'd just purchased, and she needed Mel's help. It was just standard ghost stuff; things moving around, and a few disembodied voices, but nothing Mel hadn't seen a thousand times before.

Little did she know who, or what, she would find when she stepped into the old Memphis mansion. Nothing about the ghosts in the home made any sense to her, and time was running out. Could Mel finish the job and get off the property before something in the house reaped her?

My review:
*I received a free copy of this book from the author through Paranormal and Horror Lovers in exchange for an honest review*

Mel is a Reaper, the only person who can send a lost soul forward on their journey, even when they don't want to go. Her new job is to clear a plantation house of a violent spirit but on arrival she finds a lot of spirits there with no connection to the house. Now she must reap them all and solve the mystery of why they are there.

This was a very enjoyable paranormal story which I read in one night. I liked the way the plot centered around the Reaper sending lost souls to the Light painlessly for everyone and how unwilling souls being reaped caused her pain. It was a slightly different twist on other reaper stories I've read. I also enjoyed the fact that she becomes tied to the house until all souls have been reaped, leaving her as trapped as the souls themselves. With help, Mel starts to research the people to find a connection and uncovers the real truth. It was a story that flowed nicely with no huge info dumps and no boring parts. The dialogue was fun, the plot had a good mixture of action, humour and character based scenes, and the characters themselves just enhanced the plot.

I also liked the characters. Mel was feisty and very likable which is vital for me in my lead character. I liked her a lot and was rooting for her throughout the book. She is a Reaper but is also very much human with human emotion and vulnerabilities. Betty was the mildly annoying but entertaining sidekick that Mel is in contact with outside the house, helping her with her research. She was funny and I hope to see her again in the next book. Jack was the intriguing character-is he a ghost, or alive or what? Of course, having read the book I know the answer, but I'm not putting spoilers in. What I can say is that I really liked the twists in the story as that plot developed and it was also a very satisfying ending.

I can't really say that there was anything that I didn't like about the book. It had a bit of everything in it-action, humour, suspense, romance, and should appeal to fans of urban fantasy, paranormal, ghost stories and non graphic paranormal romance. Very much recommended.
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  1. Ooo, a new book to me. Glad to see you enjoyed it so highly. :) Thank you!

    1. I really enjoyed it...took me about 3.5 hours to read it.