Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Top Ten Tuesday EMP

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This week it's about covers so I'm just doing my own thing again. I'm looking at a topic that is one of my favourites in the apocalypse genre...the EMP and the collapse of the electrical grid by other terrorist means!

1) PA Glaspy-When The Power Is Gone
Two families sit out the EMP, trying to stay hidden, but soon it becomes time to hit the dangerous roads and move to their friend's farm to start a new community. I loved this trilogy showing how ordinary people band together to stay alive and fight the raiders. 

2) Franklin Horton-The Borrowed World
A man on a business trip is stranded days from home by a terrorist attack that destroys the grid. His wife tries to defend her home and children from those who want what they have. The first prepper apocalypse book I read which prompted me to look at my own emergency plans. 

3) David Nelson-The Journey
A group of friends journey across the country to get to the ranch that they bought together, after the power goes out. They have to deal with the good and bad people they meet while defending their new home against all enemies. Family based drama with less violence than some in the genre, especially later in the series.

4) Eric Methven-EMP
A couple living in a small Scottish village have to take back their community from foreign intruders who take advantage of the EMP to take the women hostage. It was great to finally find an EMP disaster set in Scotland and I enjoyed references to places I know. 

5) Matthew D Mark-Dark Days Rough Roads 
After disaster strikes, a man has to get his extended family and friends to a prepared compound. His plans are spoiled with the discovery of violent local militia controlling the area and they must be defeated if they are to have a chance at survival. Gritty drama. 

6) Darrell Maloney-Facing Armageddon
You can plan what to do if an EMP hits but Dave finds himself alone when his wife and child are out of state, facing the challenges of getting himself prepared for the coming winter. This book goes into a lot of detail about all the preps that Dave uses and I found it very addictive for my second EMP read.

7) Boyd Craven-The World Burns
A recluse, his ex military girlfriend and her priest father unite to create a homestead after the EMP. As others find a way to them, the homestead can't just be a refuge and the group need to fight back against corrupt officials, cannibals and violent thugs.

8) Bobby Andrews-The Prepper's Crucible
When disaster strikes, two families make the scary journey to their friend's rural ranch where they set up a save haven. But the arrival of armed men and a Mexican invasion threatens their new reality and they prepare to fight.  Tense and action filled drama.

9) James Hunt-Broken Lines
A family flee from home after the EMP hits and Mike prepares his family to leave. When neighbours turn on them for their supplies, the family flee seperatly and face different journeys to get to their rural cabin. Still to finish reading this one but liking the first two parts.

10) Mike Kraus-Surviving The Fall
Rick is stranded 1000 miles from home when the EMP hits and he faces a hard journey back to his wife, who is trying to keep her family safe from intruders. This is currently a serial novel but I hope the omnibus will come out soon as I enjoyed the parts that I've read so far.


  1. I just ordered When the Power is Gone from Amazon and am really looking forward to reading it when it comes. :)

  2. That would be cool to have a prepper story set locally and recognize places! and When the Power Is Gone does look good...

    1. When the power is gone is good because the people aren't superhuman and do make a few mistakes so you can relate to them. Where the other book is set is where I'd want my prepper place!

  3. I never knew there were so many EMP themed apocalyptic books out there!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. That's just ten that I've read...I've got dozens more I haven't got to yet!

  4. I think that these kinds of books are really scary simply because of how easily something like this could happen. I need to read an book about an EMP someday. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites!

    1. In some twisted way I think I enjoy scaring myself with these books!