Thursday, 3 May 2018

Book Review: EMP by Orion Enzo Gaudio

The world is a dangerous place in 2016 and the United States has become more isolated than ever before. Things get unimaginably worse when two nuclear devices are detonated in the atmosphere over the United States. The country is torn to pieces and only the strong can put it back together again.

Nick is stuck in traffic on his way to work in Denver. General Sutherland is on his way to Ft. Drum for a routine inspection. Sandra is sitting on her porch and drinking her morning tea.

The United States of America is about to change forever.
My Review: 
The President is removed from the White House as soon as the EMP hits but a second attack leaves him missing presumed dead along with his VP. General Sutherland is told of the tragedy by a representative of Section M and as the ranking officer he is expected to take charge. He is more interested in getting out of the bunker and going to find his family so he is refusing to do anything and sulking about the obligations that he is expected to shoulder. I get that he is worried about his family but he is a military general who should be concentrating on securing his location and getting his people organised instead of sulking in his room like a child!
Nick is an FBI analyst in Denver and witnesses panic at his office and planes falling out of the sky. Yet he is aimlessly driving around in his new car which puzzled me. Why is his modern car still working when planes are falling back to earth? Considering his job, Nick seems oblivious to what is happening for a long time and the fact that hell is breaking loose makes his decision to just go to his bed as normal a bit strange. He basically does nothing to help himself until his prepper neighbour decides to look after him. What thanks does Mike get? Nick has a tantrum over why Mike is not helping every other person not prepared for the situation! He then questions every decision Mike makes and accuses him of overreacting to everything. His whining was getting on my nerves.
Sandra is alone at her farm when the EMP hits and is another one who is able to put these life changing events aside and go to her bed instead of organising herself. When she finds out that her friends took things without paying from a looted store, she gets all angry and moral about it, making me want to hit her and explain what the end of the world actually means! 
With the exception of Mike the prepper, everyone seems to know less than Jon Snow! OK, if you are not a prepper and don't read that kind of book, you are less likely to know about an EMP and that is the kind of characters being portrayed in the book so I'm less bothered by that. What does bug me is the level of whining that they do, especially Nick. His life has been saved by Mike but he just argues about everything and I'm surprised that Mike wasn't tempted to get rid of him. He is the last person you'd want to be stuck with in the apocalypse. I got fed up listening to adults sulking and complaining instead of getting on with things. The plot itself might have been different if it had just focused on Mike, who was the only one I liked, perhaps with a non whiny eager to learn sidekick. As it is I did not finish the book.
Read January 2018
2 star 


  1. I have to listen to too many whiny students at work to want to read about whiny characters when I come home. I don't think I would have made it through this one either. :)

    1. I cannot stand whiny characters...and you have my sympathy with those students!