Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Prepping With Chuckles #10 Herbs For Medicine-Allergies

After quite a long gap, my prepper posts are making a comeback. I don't think they'll be weekly, just when I have a subject ready or have the time to write them! I'm going to look at herbs and plants that you can grow in your garden that can be used as alternative medicines if SHTF in the future and regular medicine is no longer available. They are also just as useful if a disaster does not strike.

Why is it important to have a medicine garden? The answers are quite straightforward

-having natural medicines in your garden saves you money
medicines are expensive to buy in pharmasists or on prescriptions

-having natural medicines gives you access to important treatments if a disaster happens 
if the doctor is no longer there and supplies are looted, it is much easier to pick what you need from the garden to manage your medical conditions

-bees are attracted by many of the most useful plants

-you can use many plants to make a variety of herbal teas

-many of the plants are easy to grow from cuttings

-herbs are good companion plants for foods and can stop pests

We'll start with a seasonal problem-allergies. These options are for your reference and I suggest that you look them up online for additional information, health warnings and how to use these treatments before you get started. Chuckles Book Cave takes no responsibility for any problems you encounter or if the treatment does not work for you.

1) Stinging nettles
relieves allergy symptoms, take freeze dried supplement several months before allergy season

2) Butterbur
opens airways to improve breathing, take freeze dried supplement several months before allergy season

3) Tinospora cordifolia
native Indian plant relieves hayfever, sold as a tablet, take a week before allergy season.

4) Ginkgo biloba
anti-inflammatory, manages allergy symptoms

5) Apple Cider Vinegar
one teaspoon into glass of water and drink 3 times a day. Use ACV with 'The Mother' in it-it will say that on the bottle.

6) Saline Spray 
spray into nostrils a few times a week even if you have no symptoms

7) Probiotics
eat foods to boost your gut bacteria

8) Local Honey 
in theory, local honey is said to help you adapt to local allergens.  A teaspoon of raw unprocessed local honey at least once a day, start a month before allergy season.

Useful links for more suggestions:

Have you tried any of these solutions? What else works for you?


  1. What a useful post. I use saline spray every night. A few years back, a doctor recommended it and I have to admit, if I go a few days without it, my allergies REALLY flare up.

    1. I'm lucky not to be affected by allergies. It must be really miserable when it flares up and really ruin summer. Glad to know the saline spray does work!

  2. I have a black thumb. If the apocalypse arrives I will die a painful death!

    1. I'm not really much of a gardener myself, I admit! I do want to grow a few herbs for a few ailments I have just in case! Once our garden landscaping is finished I'll see if I can grow a few.

  3. I really like this subject in your prepper series. I actually have a couple of books about plants as natural remedies. Don't most of our medicines derive from plants? Makes sense that the real thing would be better than something manufactured.

    1. I think a lot of cures come from plants in rainforests and stuff. Certainly a lot of books use that as a storyline. I need time to go through my herb books and decide what to try and grow!