Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Top Ten Tuesday-Books I Want To Read This Summer

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This week's topic doesn't interest me so I'm going my own way. Recently I did my books I want to buy for my summer tbr and this week I'm doing books I have but want to read this summer. Well, books I need to read this summer for various reasons.

1) Rick Chesler-DMZ
Who can resist a book about dinosaurs in the DMZ between North and South Korea? I just love the idea of this book and really want to read it soon.

2) Hunter Shea-The Montauk Monster
My dad loved this one and keeps on at me to read it so I guess I better do what I'm told and get to it soon! Besides I can never resist sea monster books!

3) Alex Hughes-Clean
I have most of this urban fantasy series about a reformed drug addict telepathic cop and really need to get the first one read. It has been sitting on my ereader for years now! Space on my ereader is limited so I need to read and delete!

4) Adam J Wright-Lost Soul
Another urban fantasy series that has been lurking on my ereader for way too long and I have a few books in this series too. Werewolves, demons and ogres in Maine? Yes I think I want to get reading this series!

5) RL Blalock-Devour
I read and liked the prequel but was disappointed that the MC from that is not in the book. So I'm not sure if I'll like this zombie series now and I have a couple of the books waiting. It's been a while since I read a zombie book.

6) John Randall-Yellowstone Connundrum
I've seen very mixed reviews on this apocalypse series and I'm hoping not to like it because each book has two volumes to it and that would be a lot to buy and they are very expensive on Amazon. Either way I need to deal with this!

7) Chris Bonington-I Chose To Climb
This is his first mountain climbing biography and I need to get it looked at so I can pass it on to my uncle and his friends to read.

8) Bobby Adair-Ebola K
I downloaded the first two in this series based on the word Ebola but reading the reviews has me feeling more doubtful about whether I'll like it. Still, I like reading about apocalypses and Ebola so I'll give it a go.

9) Catt Dahman-George's Terms
I have nine books in this zombie series and really need to look at the first one and see if it is something I want to continue. If not I can delete them from the ereader and get some space back. I have read books by the author before so I hope I like it.

10) Bobby Akart-The Boston Brahmin
This series has been lurking for years on my ereader and needs to be dealt with. I'm not sure it will be my kind of thing so I'm making it priority. 


  1. Ooh DMZ- what a timely topic! Dinosaurs would sure shake things up over there, that's for sure. :)

    1. Yeah imagine a raptor ate Trump at a press conference...it might choke on that hair of his!

  2. I bet you can get all of these read and even more. I've always been curious about the Alex Hughes series so I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I found this week's topic to be a bit of a struggled but I did manage it.

    1. I've been meaning to read it for ages but never seem to get round to it. Part of me hopes I don't like it so I can delete the series!

  3. I hope you enjoy all of these, Chuckles! I really need to read Hunter Shea soon :)

  4. I see a few I want to read and I did enjoy Montauk Monster. I like to buy his full length novels in print. And I can relate to kind of hoping I don't love a series. LOL My book budget is much smaller this year and it would drive me crazy to not be able to continue a series because of that.

    1. I have his books in print except for the newest ones and that paranormal investigation series he did. I haven't tried that yet. There are a few here that I hope I DNF to avoid another pile of series to catch up on!

  5. I've never read Hunter Shea, but something tells me his books would make for great summer or beach reading :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. He is certainly one of my favourites and I can read one of his in 4-5 hours!