Monday, 30 July 2018

Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Tag

This tag was created by Greg at . You don't need to read the books to take part in the tag, as I haven't read any of them! Take part if you want to!

1) Sure you can go solve crime! Just be home for dinner. Seriously? List a book that features teenage protagonists doing unrealistic stuff.  

This was my favourite in the series where the Five turn detective when Dick is kidnapped and get involved in a rescue that of course goes wrong. 

2) It's a knockout! The Hardy Boys get knocked out on the regular, and Nancy gets captured her fair share of times. Share a book that has someone powering through what should be a serious injury! 

Well she never powered through her injuries as such but can someone explain how Bella even made it to be a vampire? Someone as clumsy, accident prone and a danger to herself should never have survived the first three books! 

3) Where's Mom? Both the Hardy's and Nancy are missing their mother, and their dad seems oddly okay with them doing detective work. List a book with little parental oversight

Those little bears should not be out in the woods at night! 

4) Friends make the world go around. The Hardy's have Chet, Biff and Tony (and occasionally Callie and Iola). Nancy has Bess and George (and sometimes Ned) to help her out. Name a book with an outstanding friendship or supporting character(s).  

Claire has a lot of allies in this series and I love her relationship with Eve, Michael and Shane and the way they look out for each other. I also love their vampire allies especially Sam and Myrnin!  

5) What a coincidence! I think it's fair to say that sometimes there are fortuitous coincidences that move the story along. Share a book with a somewhat far- fetched occurrence or plot development.

A couple of things the MC did in this book stretched reality a bit but I still enjoyed the book.

6) Where's a cop when you need one? Seriously they show up at the end but where are they when our heroes really need them? Share a book where the authorities are especially asleep at the switch or ineffective.   

The majority of the police in this town are pretty useless! 

7) These people are well traveled. I mean, the Hardy's and Nancy go everywhere. All over the U.S. and around the world. Name a book with a well traveled or globetrotting protagonist, or something with an exotic setting. 

This book is set on an island in Micronesia-pity about the huge shark!

8) We're going top down! Or boating. Nancy has her convertible (sometimes called a roadster) and the Boys are always in a boat, seems like. Name a book with a cool vehicle or involving a speedboat.  

This book involves a convoy of eighteen wheeler trucks taking on the zombies. Later in the series there seems to be modified cars and a big ass train! 

9) It's a clue, a secret, or a mystery. These words (and a few others) show up a LOT in the Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys titles. Share a book with a similar title. 

It sounds like a title that Enid Blyton could have used back in my childhood! It makes you wonder what secrets lie in the chamber...oh yes, of course, a big dirty snake!

10) Killer cover! The covers are some of the best things about these mysteries. Share a favorite Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys cover, or any cover with a mysterious vibe. 
The first time I saw this book was when my dad got it out of the library. I'd look at this cover and wonder what was lurking in that drain and why it was there. The rain, the balloon, the paper boat...I was so intrigued. I had to read it and it's now my favourite ever book!


  1. Cool tag. I read a Nancy Drew book when I was a kid. The only thing I remember about it is Nancy getting captured by the bad guy she was hunting. I think her friend saved her? Yeah, Nancy needs more parental supervision.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I haven't read any of them so I can't help you out there! A lot of these young detectives should've been grounded and had someone call social services!

  2. What a fun tag! I loved your answers and your Bella one made me laugh out loud. I've read books where I've wanted to injure the MCs or even wished them dead (I know, I'm horrible) but Bella is the absolute worst. It's been years since I've read them and my dislike of her has only grown. And when I think about it, casting Kristen Stewart as her in the movies didn't help either.

    1. I see Kristen Stewart has been cast in the new Charlie's Angels. I reckon I'll be avoiding that! Bella was pretty useless at staying safe!

  3. This is such a fun tag! I agree with you on Bella. There is one scene where she slices the side of her entire arm and is bleeding in a house FULL of vampires. I was amazed that she didn't die right then specially at how "tempting" her blood is xD

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. She does a lot of very stupid things in the books! I'm amazed she lived through the books!

  4. Ooh I'm so glad you did this! Fun. Lol about Bella. And Bears in the Night- wow that brings back lots of memories of the Berenstain Bears! Oh my gosh Zombie Road looks awesome- I think that would be a crack up!

    Megalodon in Paradise looks so fun.

    1. I'm really keen to read Zombie Road along with about a hundred other series at the moment! I love my copy of Bears In The Night! The wee bears are so cute!