Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cake Flavoured Book Tag

This tag was the original idea of  and this version was created by Cait at . I saw the tag at and decided to have a go.

1) Chocolate Cake-A Dark Book You Loved
You can't get much darker than a clown who kills children and can shapeshift into every monster you can imagine from a mummy to a werewolf! Add in a town full of people who turn a blind eye and a murderous gang of bullies and you get a great horror!

2) Vanilla Cake-A Favourite Light Read
I pretty much read horror, apocalypse, prepper and creature features so not much light stuff there! I have recently enjoyed these books though.

3) Red Velvet-A Book That Gave You Mixed Emotions 
Hmm this was a tricky one. I went with the end of a series that I had enjoyed but was disappointed in the last book. There were good bits especially redemption for a character that grew on me through the series but the final battle was such a let down! I was also sad that the series was over but pleased that there were novellas about the Pack that I could read!

4) Cheesecake-A Book You Would Recommend To Everyone
I honestly don't believe there is one book that everybody would love so I'm going to pick out a series that those who love zombies should try and that is Arisen. By the time you get into book 2, it becomes so addictive!

5) Coffee Cake-A Book You Started But Never Finished
Where do I start! I DNF a lot of books each year. The last book I DNFed was such a stupid plot with annoying characters so I'll use that.

6) Carrot Cake-A Book With Great Writing
This book has a great use of language and description from an author whose first language is not English and I found that pretty amazing! It also blends elements of urban fantasy, romance, science fiction, fantasy and thriller together which is no easy feat.

7) Tiramisu-A Book That Left You Wanting More
Finishing this series made me CRAVE at least a trilogy about the first war against Voldemort. It would have Dumbledore setting up the Order, the characters from the original order doing battle with death eaters, the deaths we're told about by Moody in book 5, the prophecy, the betrayal of Lily and James, Sirius battling Peter, Snape turning double agent, Voldemort's 'end', the fate of poor Neville's parents and the witch and wizard trials. WANT! How cool would a trilogy or more of that be!

8) Cupcakes-Series With 4 Or More Books
I have a ton of series I need to read plus everything I have read! I'm going with the series I'm currently reading which has 15 books that I'm aware of-14 plus a short story anthology.

9) Fruit Cake-A Book That Wasn't What You Anticipated
I had went off the YA genre, especially if it had romance in it but this series stood all that on it's head. I LOVED the romance which almost made me cry as it was so tragic, I loved the characters and their battles against those who want to kill them and that consuming out of control hunger that makes them want to kill people.

10) Lamington-Favourite Australian Book 
I haven't read many books by Australian authors or enough set in Australa but recently I discovered Matthew Reilly and I like what I've seen so far. However I must go with John Marsden's Tomorrow series which I need to finish!



  1. I was just looking at this tag yesterday and thinking about doing it. I still need to read a Sarah Anderson book. They look so cute and funny. YES to #7. I’d love prequel books about Harry’s parents.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. I would be so excited if JK would write more on the prequel side of things! We could see what Voldemort and Snape are doing as well as those in the Order. It would be great! I've enjoyed the Sarah Andersen books as I can relate to her anxiety issues and social failings!

  2. What a fun tag! I want to try Carrie Vaughn's books. You surprised me that you liked the romance and sure are enjoying them. And I hope you enjoy Matthew Reilly's. I've been reading him for years and he writes some good thrills.

    1. There isn't much romance. You maybe get a short sex scene in some of the books but the main focus is on the emotional relationships and the plots so I'm ok with that! I really enjoyed Contest and I'm now reading The Great Zoo of China which has been good so far.

  3. OMG! This is such a cute tag!!!! I love it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sarah's Scribbles comics. I feel like they're all so relatable to my life xD

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

    1. I feel exactly the same! I'd rather not go out and see people but sloth around at home!

  4. This is a fun tag. :) I may do this one.

  5. Fun post! Although if I did it, I'd have to make either carrot cake or fruit cake the book I DNF because I don't like either one of those cakes and have never finished an entire piece of them in my life. ;D

    1. I don't like coffee, carrot or fruit cake! Give me a sponge with jam and buttercream or chocolate fudge sauce in it and I'm Happy as Larry!