Sunday, 8 July 2018

Chuckles Chat #72 Scenarios We Love And Hate in Geographical

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Over the coming weeks I'm looking at our book buying life. By this what I mean is, what are the scenarios in a book blurb that make us really want to pick up that book and start reading? What do we love about the genre and what puts us off?

This week's topic title sounds like a bit of a mouthful eh! Let me explain. What I mean is if we choose to read books from different countries, which plots in those countries excite or disappoint us? Still with me? Good!

When I discovered Goodreads and, I started really branching out on my reading and trying books set in other countries-fiction and non fiction. I started reading a lot of books set in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, focusing on harsh lives and environments. I read about Japanese Geishas, The Cultural Revolution, The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, women sold into slavery of various kinds, The Gulf Wars, female genital mutilation and things like that. I read a lot of these kinds of books. In non fiction I discovered Wild Swans, Sold, Desert Flower, Infidel, Nabeel's Song, Falling Leaves, Love Our Way, 101 Days, The Bookseller of Kabul, Burned Alive, Hiroshima and Daughter of China. In fiction I enjoyed The Kite Runner, The White Tiger, Sunrise on Kusatsu Harbor, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Slumdog Millionaire. 

I moved away from these books after a few years and focused more on the fiction books I enjoyed. Most of what I read now is set in the US and UK as I read a lot of horror and apocalypse books, with odd ones set in places like Canada, Australia and South Africa. Mostly, the genre and plot are more important than where it is actually set so I'll read about zombies and mutant monsters anywhere they turn up! The creature features I read can be set in a lot of different countries as I like dangerousAmazon expeditions, deep dark dinosaur filled jungles and lost world islands, Yetis in Nepal and Tibet, sharks in a variety of ocean locations, murder in Arctic or Antarctic research stations, cannibals in the woods, African viruses going global and so on. 

I do also enjoy when I find books in my favourite genres that are set in the places I have visited or know something about. I've read a zombie book based in Glasgow, lots of apocalypse books featuring London, urban fantasy in Edinburgh, Tudor novels across England, zombies in Cape Town. I haven't been to many places overseas so I don't find that many where I'm personally familiar with the locations!

I don't actually read many books that are mainly set in Europe and that is nothing to do with not being interested in the countries. In fact there are lots of places I would really love to visit in mainland Europe. Most of the books I've read with European settings were when I was reading a lot about the Holocaust and the war. When it comes to fiction I just don't find many books I want to read set in European cities. The other difficulty I have is that some that are insist in having dialogue in French, German, Spanish etc with no translations of any kind and that can be frustating when you buy the book that is meant to be written in 'english'. I hate not knowing what is being said! I would like to see more zombie books set in other countries. I'd like to read scary urban legend books about a monster stalking different cities and countries.

I wouldn't say that I would ever avoid a book just because of where it was set unless it turned out to be a dual language book with no idea of what some characters are saying. I'm flexible on where my book adventures take me!

What countries are most of your reads set in? Which countries do you like or dislike reading about? Are there countries you'd like to see more books set in?


  1. If a book is good, I don’t care where it’s set. I’ll read about anywhere. Most of the books I read are set in the US and written by American authors. That’s not intentional. It’s just easy for me to find cheap books by Americans. I have been buying more translations lately, though.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Most of my books are American authors too-many more UF, horror and apocalypse choices! I enjoy any setting if it is well written, I agree with you there!

  2. Most of the books I tend to read take place in Britain or the U.S. But I love reading books set in other more exotic locales, from Zimbabwe to Afghanistan. It just all depends on the story for me.

    1. Yeah, most of the books I read in my favourite genres are US and UK. The good thing about my creature feature books is that we get the varied locations of islands, jungles, oil rigs, snowy research stations etc. That variety is fun!

  3. Hmm...They are all over the place. I do love it in when it's a place I have been before. Most of the books I choose are because of the cover, oops, I mean the blurb. But the cover is what usually gets me to read blurb.
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Covers are very important in attracting us to pick up a book-that and a good title always get my attention!