Monday, 3 August 2015

The TBR 100 Book Countdown Challenge (522-519)

My tbr has managed to sneak up over 600 books again and action must be taken!!! So I am setting myself a pretty tough challenge-to get that tbr from 612 as it stands today, down to 500 books by December 31st. Yes it is an impossible sounding task but not everything on the tbr is full length reading-there are short stories, novellas and novels to be devoured! Even if I don't get to the target, I'll be pleased if I get close. It would be the first time in 5 years that my tbr was 500 or less! My updates on my progress won't be weekly, just whenever I have something to report! Anyone who wants to try and reduce their tbr is welcome to post on my update posts about their progress!

FYI: A few people have asked why the number of books I've reduced the pile by in the post title does not match the number of books I mention in the actual blog post. Simple really, I'm still adding new books to the tbr each week, and a few are rereads.

It doesn't look like a successful week as the tbr has only come down by three books but I did buy a few this week! I was also rereading Godhead by Ken Mooney so I could read his two short stories ready to read the sequel this week! Exciting times! 


Mark Walden-Hive 2 Overlord Protocol 

Mark Walden-Hive 3 Escape Velocity 

Daran Little-Coronation Street Around the Houses 

Kevin Hearne-Grimoire of the Lamb (Iron Druid #0.4) 

Kevin Hearne-Kaibab Unbound (Iron Druid #0.6) 

Ken Mooney-The Fall of Bacchus 

Ken Mooney-The Libations 

Alex Hughes-Rabbit Trick (Mindspace Investigations #0.5) 

Deborah Blake-Wickedly Magical (Baba Yaga #0.5) 


  1. That's brilliant news about the Godhead book! :D I hope you enjoy it just as much this time around :) And regardless, you've still managed to get some books off your list! Which is brilliant news!!

    I think you'd be VERY proud of me this week Chuckles! This week I'm reading 3 books off my kindle that have been there for a while... only buying one book :D and last week... ok last week I just did the one, ha ha. Oops! In my defence though I did have three review requests to do last week which took up my additional slots *gets defensive* lol.

    I'm a bit worried that I won't finish Dracula on time for my Saturday review, it's around 500 pages if I remember rightly... but I've wanted to read it for a while now and I've also had it on my kindle for about... *cough* two years, so what the heck? :)

    I hope you enjoy the new books you got :) I'm trying to be really good too but I just say it's a treat or reward for being good :) x

    1. Good for you Amy! Every book read is one less on the tbr...that's how I try to look at it! Review books can cause chaos on a tbr...I'm just finished reading the sequel to Godhead so now I can go back to my 'reduce the pile' mode!

      Dracula was a long read...I struggled through it many years back but it was just so slow and descriptive. Good luck with getting it done by Saturday. Yeah it's easy to find excuses for buying those pesky books!!! *grins*

    2. Hi Chuckles,
      Sadly I'm still reading Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett... I haven't even got around to Dracula and there's no way I can get it done by tomorrow! It's just one of those things where I've been so busy doing other blogging things, you know? The way I see it, I deserve a break and there's plenty of time lol.

      I hope you enjoyed the sequel to Godhead :D I remember you really liked the first one so I hope the second met your expectations! :D Always a good thing right? I'm always a bit nervous about starting a sequel just in case I don't like it, lol.
      Amy x

    3. I very much enjoyed The Hades Contract, which is free on Amazon today! I get nervous reviewing books for authors I know in case I don't like them! Thankfully Ken's books are always a good read!