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Book Review: New Order by Helen Harper (Bo Blackman #2)

Bo Blackman is not adjusting to her new life as a fledgling vampire particularly well. Drinking blood sickens her and, despite her new enhanced physical skills and the attention she's receiving from Lord Montserrat, she's desperate to find a cure. When her illegal search takes her to the door of Fingertips and Frolics, a small family-run magic shop, she becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of tit-for-tat with murderous consequences. To complicate matters further, she's forced to also take on a case of apparent kidnapping. But with no ransom demand and a client she despises, it may be more of a struggle to solve than she realises.

My Review:
Don't read this review unless you have read book one 'Dire Straits' or aren't planning to read the series! The whole review centres around how the last book finished so it will spoil book one for you if you read any further. You have been warned!

Bo is not coping well at being turned into a vampire to save her life, and everyone rallies to try and help her. Michael wants her to run a liason office for House vampires who need help with problems, giving Bo a bit of freedom from being stuck at the House. She is determined to use every chance to research for a possible cure for her condition, which does not please Michael. I understand that Bo does not want to be a vampire and is pissed at how things turned out but at some stage you have to quit moaning and try to deal with it. Hearing the same complaints over and over do get annoying after a while and it was the main reason that I stopped reading Chloe Neill's vampires series. Use the whinging time to train and learn and make the best of a bad job!

Michael and Bo are becoming as annoying as Ethan and Merit in aforementioned vampire series. There is constant angst, fighting over stupid things, Michael being an arse and not listening to anything Bo had to say and then yelling at her for keeping secrets from him, Bo being a pain because of her vampire angst and pushing everyone was frustrating and annoying. And I still can't see any chemistry between the two of them.

The other big problem with this book is the very dull side story of Bo's investigation. Stephen was Arzo's best friend until he ran off with Arzo's love Dahlia. Now Dahlia is missing and Stephen wants her found, and Bo decides not to involve Arzo. This story was dumb and pointless. Stephen was a complete asshat, Dahlia was a cheating bitch and this pair broke Arzo's heart so I couldn't care less what happened to either of them. Plus Bo is avoiding Arzo so we don't see much of him and he is my favourite character. We also don't see much of my other favourite Beth, because we are constantly dealing with Stephen! We got more of O'Shea in the book but this time he was seriously annoying and that bugged me.

I also do not like the way the author gives each chapter a title that hints at what is about to happen. I don't want the author giving me plot spoilers while I'm reading the darn book!

Arrgghh! The things I liked so much in the first book were all missing in this one. Characters I liked were underused, characters I hated were dominating the story, there was too much moaning and fighting and no solid plot to hold the book together. This was very disappointing and I feel no urge to read the next book in the series which is a shame after enjoying book one. 
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  1. Too bad you didn't like it more - it sure is a pretty cover!