Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Book Review: The Libations by Ken Mooney (Stories from The Last Olympiad #2)

An angry goddess has struck once more. The Greek gods continue to die.

They must regroup. They meet to honour their dead...and to decide their future.

In Godhead, Ken Mooney brought the Greek gods to life in the present day; now, discover more about their world in Stories From The Last Olympiad.

The Libations is a short story companion piece to Godhead and a prelude to the sequel, The Hades Contract. It is also a direct sequel to The Fall Of Bacchus. This story takes place after the fall of Olympus, but before the present-day of Godhead.

Please note: this is a work of approx 2500 words that was previously available on other sites. It has been published on Kindle at the request of fans of The Last Olympiad who want to complete their collection.

My Review:
This short story follows on directly from and explains the events in The Fall of Bacchus so I think it's important to read them both in order to understand where everything fits in the timeline of our story.

Hera reluctantly agrees to meet with Apollo and Athena to discuss what they have just found out. One of the Gods is dead at the hands of Aphrodite and his adopted daughter is being looked after by Apollo. Hera has plans for the girl when she discovers the whole story...

This was an intriguing read! I was pleased that it explained what we witnessed in The Fall of Bacchus but it also moved the story forward from there. We see the true nature of Hera in this story-her disdain for humans, her indifference to their suffering and the level of scheming that she is capable of. Her plans for this poor girl are interesting and it made me think!

Hera is pleased that Athena has done her part to keep her bloodline alive by mating with humans but is unhappy that Apollo has failed to do the same. Discovering that the girl is pregnant offers the opportunity to further Apollo's bloodline if he makes the child his. My brain was whirling with this thought...who is the unborn baby? Is it Karl who we know is of Apollo's bloodline? Does Hera do something in some way to make the child hers ie Hannah? Is it someone else we haven't met yet? The smart money is on Karl but I've learned that Ken Mooney is never predictable in his twists so who knows!

What I can say is that I liked seeing more of the missing years of the Gods. I would love to see more of the short stories from this period or even a prequel novel to cover the events as Aphrodite hunts down the Gods and The Order tries to stop her. There is a lot of plot potential here to explore and I look forward to more from this era, and the 2nd novel The Hades Contract which I am already reading and will review shortly! 
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