Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Chuckles Chat: When Authors drive Bloggers crazy...#1 The Demanding Author

We've all seen those posts haven't we? Authors complaining about all the things that bloggers and reviewers do to make their life difficult-sometimes the complaints are justified and sometimes it just makes me roll my eyes over what the complaints are about. So lets reverse it shall we, and look at a few things that authors do that have made me really mad!

The Demanding Author
These are the authors who contact you about reading and reviewing their book, and then are on your back constantly about whether you have read it yet and when the review will go up. I've had a few different demanding authors over the last few years and I get pretty annoyed with some of them.

1-An author asked me to read her book. I told her I would but I was pretty busy and it might be 2-3 weeks before I got to reading it, and she said this was fine and sent it. Two days later the email arrives 'so what did you think of it?'. Grrr. I explained again what the situation was. Four days later I got a similar email. Feeling rather pissed, I told her that I would get to her book when I had finished the books I had already agreed to read. Her reply? Just shove them to one side and read mine instead. OK I will NOT deal with pushy, rude and inconsiderate people. I told her what I thought of her manners and refused to read her book. Judging by the reviews I've seen, I didn't miss out on much! She has since asked me to look at other books and I've ignored every email.

Conclusion: Your book may be the most important thing ever to you, but I will NOT bump it up the queue for no good reason when I have promised to read other books first! You take your turn as agreed or you get nothing!

2-An author sent me a message on Goodreads saying his book was the best ever written, that Harry Potter paled in comparison, and that I must read it. He enclosed the copy and instructed me that I had three days to read it. Why? Was the bugger going to self destruct or something? He also gave a list of everywhere I had to upload it and the date he wanted it done by. I emailed back to say no and he wasn't pleased about it. I was missing out on the greatest thing ever! I said I could live with that. 

Conclusion: You might get away with talking to people in your family like that buster boy, but not with me! You will ask nicely and not issue demands as if I am your servant!

3-An author I know emailed to chat to me about her new book and if I was interested in reviewing it. I was excited as I liked her first book and agreed to clear my schedule as she needed it read and reviewed pretty sharp. That was February. I have still to receive the review copy and had no email to say why it hasn't arrived. The book is available to buy online, she is active on many sites and others have reviewed the book. This kind of thing pisses me off. Can you imagine if I had done this to an author over a review??? All hell would have broken loose!

Conclusion-Don't jerk me about! I don't accept it from anybody, including friends!

4-Several authors have sent me books on spec without asking if I'm interested, and then emailed to ask why there is no sign of a review. OK this is just totally rude! You don't ask if I'm interested in reading it, you don't ask if the subject/genre interests me or if I have time to read it and then you get pissy because I don't read it? How many books have been sent to us bloggers that are in genres we don't read or have plots we aren't interested in? We can't and won't read everything and just because you want ME to read it doesn't mean I want to!

Conclusion-Ask and you MAY receive!

Have you as a blogger or reviewer had similar experiences? If so please share them!


  1. I had one author who asked me about reading his book, sent it to me and offered to be available for any blog posts, etc. Then after I read it and reviewed it ( and actually liked the book), when I kept contacting him about doing a blog feature, he ignored all my emails. However, besides that, a lot of my responses have been positive. Great list of things you pointed out though.

    1. I've certainly experienced that! An author asked me to do a Q&A for her so I could do an extended blog feature along with a book review of her new novel. I spent ages on the questions and never got a reply. I mean, is it too much to ask to fire off a quick email to say you no longer have time to do it instead of just leaving us hanging? Grrr!

  2. Oh I've come across a few of these authors. Guess what? I ignored them. Then can rant all they want but it's MY blog, MY time that even their free book isn't enough to compensate me for it. Even if your book costs $21, it'll still take me more than 3 hours to read it and considering the minimum wage her in my state is somewhere in the ballpark of $7, it's still not enough to compensate for my time.

    Let me add an anecdote of my own to your list. I had the displeasure of chatting with this indie author who, in the course of our convo, basically implied that we readers have a responsibility to them in terms of "financial compensation". Meaning they spend huge amounts of money to get their work published (she's self) and a bad review can hurt the revenue.

    I mean, REALLY?! When we pick up a book, whether we paid for it or not, there's no guarantee that we will LOVE it even if it's written by a favorite. JK Rowling disapppointed me with Casual Vacancy and JR Ward with her last BDB books. We're not built to like every book we meet. And if I, and a bunch of people don't like your work, then it's either you're marketing it to the wrong people or your writing just plain sucks!

    Gah! Now I'm rehashing and I'm getting upset! lol

    Thanks for the space to vent.

    Ignore these shitheads, they deserve it.

    1. I totally agree with you! I get annoyed with authors who blame reviewers for their book not selling because we dared not to like it. Get used to it coz not everyone will like your book! If we take the time to read it or buy it, we have the right to express our opinion even if they don't like it! That author you talked about is just the kind I'd like to strangle!

  3. What drives me nuts is when I have a note in a post saying that I'm not taking unsolicited books to review, and then they send me a message referencing that exact post... No, sunshine, you are not a special exception. Some authors I am friends with have been waiting on my TBR for a while, if I can't get to them...

  4. I have on my blog the whole I am not taking on any new reviews and still I get email after email "I know you aren't taking any new books but you must read mine blah blah", This peeves me off no end.

    I have also had ones who are desperate for you to do a promo post which I was able to do and usually when I do these things the author acknowledges by retweeting or commenting etc but nope you go to all the effort of putting a post together and nothing, no thanks nothing.

    Maybe I expect to much, if only we could name and shame.....