Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Book Review: The Fall of Bacchus by Ken Mooney (Stories from the Last Olympiad #1)

A father paces, ready to give his daughter away to the man of her dreams.

But an old enemy awaits their happy moment, an unwelcome guest at the wedding and she cannot wait to pay her respects to the bride.

In Godhead, Ken Mooney brought the Greek gods to life in the present day; now, discover more about their world in Stories From The Last Olympiad.

The Fall Of Bacchus is a short flash-fiction companion piece to Godhead; this story takes place after the fall of Olympus, but before the novel's present.

Please note: this is a work of less than 1000 words that was previously available on other sites. It has been published on Kindle at the request of fans of The Last Olympiad who want to complete their collection.As a bonus, The Fall Of Bacchus also includes the opening section of Godhead.

My Review:
A woman gets an unpleasant surprise when she arrives at the church for her wedding. What exactly has Aphrodite done now...?

This is a story which only has a few pages to it so I literally can't say anything more about it without telling you everything! When I read it I was wondering who the people were and where it fits into the Godhead world, but those questions are answered in the second of the short stories available-The Libations. I suggest reading both short stories before writing any reviews!

This is meant as a little teaser, showing something that happened after the war of Olympus but before we meet Hannah and the gang in Godhead. 
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