Thursday, 29 January 2015

Book Review: What Zoey Doesn't Know by RL Naquin (Monster Haven #3.5)

Maurice the closet monster is an amazing cook, efficient housekeeper, fantastic problem solver, and the best friend anyone could ever have.

But nobody really knows what he does all day.

Bank robbers, a rare disease, and a visit from a bad-luck pooka are no match for a closet monster with time on his hands.

But don’t tell Zoey. She worries. 

My Review:
Maurice is one of the best characters in paranormal fiction. He is a Closet Monster, who happens to be an amazing cook, excellent house cleaner, part keeper/social worker to various creatures living in or near his home and a loyal friend to his human housemate Zoey. He looks after her, keeps the house secure and always has a good meal ready for emergencies. So the question is, what else does Maurice do with his day?

To keep up with his excellent cooking, Maurice needs supplies and no self respecting Closet Monster can just wander into the shops looking for food. Still, Maurice does believe in using locally grown produce, even if it means liberating them from the neighbour's gardens! That is just the start to a very productive day.

A visit from Silas the bad luck Pooka is not a welcome sight when you are lurking in someone else's vegetation in a hoodie. It is even more unwelcome when Silas tells him that Zoey's neighbours have a disease that is making them believe that they are Hidden and need help from Zoey and Maurice. Maurice figures this is why Gary is pretending to be a mummy and taking up too much of Maurice's time getting rewrapped. Silas tells him of a cure using a few household items that belong in other people's homes. It could be a long day when you have to deal with this, trying to rescue the hapless Zoey who is caught up in a bank robbery, and ensure his food does not burn in the oven...

All in a day's work for our favourite Closet Monster!!!

I loved this short story so much, as we get a glimpse of life for Maurice when Zoey is at work. He really is a super efficient guy and I wish he would move in with me! I think after the darker story in book three, we needed this lighthearted fun short story to make us smile, ready to move on with the series. I just loved this story and will read it again many times. Brilliant! 
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  1. Wow, this sounds really good - I will have to check it out!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. I love this series so much! The series starts with Monster in my Closet and is available at most places that stock ebooks.

  2. Replies
    1. It was great to get the story from Maurice this time round. The author has just released an anthology inthe last few days so I'm looking forward to reading more!