Thursday, 8 January 2015

Book Review: Heart of Stone by CE Murphy

Okay, so jogging through Central Park after midnight wasn't a bright idea. But Margrit Knight never thought she'd encounter a dark new world filled with magical beings -- not to mention a dying woman and a mysterious stranger with blood on his hands. Her logical, lawyer instincts told her it couldn't all be real -- but she could hardly deny what she'd seen . . . and touched.
The mystery man, Alban, was a gargoyle. One of the fabled Old Races who had hidden their existence for centuries. Now he was a murder suspect, and he needed Margrit's help to take the heat off him and find the real killer.

As they worked together to figure out who was framing Alban, Margrit discovered that this man with a heart -- and body -- of stone made her feel more alive than ever, And as the dead pile up, it's a race against the sunrise to clear Alban's name and keep them both alive . . .

My Review:
I picked up this trilogy secondhand after enjoying the start of The Walker Papers series but I really didn't enjoy this at all.

My first big issue was the MC Margrit who I took an instant dislike to. Despite the fears of her friends she likes to go running at night in Central Park, with the 'it'll never happen to me' smug attitude that grated on my nerves. She seems to think she is superior because she is all brave and better than all the scared people. Of course she is also in a dispute with her on-off lover who she treats little utter crud. She is cold, haughty and nasty to him and anyone else that she feels superior to and the strange way she reacts to things was offputting. I just did not like her at all which made it very hard to struggle on with the book. And I do mean struggle on.

The book was so SLOW that I felt as if I was sliding into a coma at times. The whole first part of the story was Margrit jogging, Margrit fighting with someone, Margrit drinking, Margrit fighting with someone, Margrit being an ass, Margrit jogging and so on. There was a plot running alongside this about Magrit seeing the suspect accused of a murder in the park while she was jogging there, and the suspect approaching her to help him clear his name. Right. What suspect approaches the lawyer witness to ask for her help? And what the frig does he see in Magrit to make him want to lust after and stalk her? It certainly isn't her winning personality. I just found this story dragging and if there is one thing I hate in a book, it is a slow start. I like to get right into some action or I get bored.

But the thing I hated most was that irritating habit Magrit had of chanting 'irrational' over and over. She jogs to the rhythm of the word irrational as we continually have to experience and it got on my nerves. By page 40 she had been going on about irrational about seven times and on page 53 she was at it again. It was chewing on my last frazzled nerve by then.

This book was just never going to appeal to me. There were too many things that annoyed me so I'll just stick with The Walker Papers thank you. 
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