Friday, 23 January 2015

Book Review: Hidden Holidays by RL Naquin (Monster Haven #2.5)

The holidays can be overwhelming for anyone, but Zoey is ready to explode when Maurice, her closet-monster roommate, takes celebrations to the extreme. When Zoey ducks out for a little fresh air, she finds a boy with a big problem -- a problem only a mythical creature can have and only Zoey can solve. 

My Review:
Zoey has never really been one for celebrating Christmas, instead going every year to a ski resort with Sara. But this year Maurice is full of festive cheer, stealing a ton of decorations from other people's closets and giving Zoey a massive headache with his cheer and the flashing lights. Plus Iris is ripping up a tree the size of her house to bring inside...

Zoey needs a break and goes to the beach to get her head together where she meets a distressed selkie whose pelt has been stolen. She is determined to find the thief and reunite the selkie with his family.

This was a pretty short story, only about 23 pages but it was still enjoyable. I can understand Zoey feeling a bit overwhelmed by the things Maurice is doing, and her conflicted feelings about Christmas which began when her mother vanished. I can really relate to that. Maurice is of course, the kind og guy you want to share a house with and his enthusiasm would sweep anyone along.

A nice short addition for fans of the series.
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